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Do the different herds ever communicate or hold a hornedconvention or are they solitary packs

The herds don't have any reason to communicate -- not that it's very easy to communicate in the first place. The surface is frozen and the underground can be pretty dangerous. There's no reason to stray from the herd. Sticking together and being comfy is best!

Where does Snax get her bat socks? What happens to them when she transforms?

They're the first presents she ever got from Vicky. They're worn out now, but she's not going to throw 'em away.

About how large was the herd of himehorns that Vicky and Snax "visited"? It seemed like there were dozens of motherhorns.

It's a very big herd - many thousands.
You'll get a good look at the size of the place after Vicky wakes up and resumes her bullying.

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Can you record yourself making a "bweh" so we know what's it supposed to sound like?

I know what it sounds like, but I'd rather leave it to your imagination, anon!
It's a cute sound. The bat doesn't even realize she's making it, though -- "bweh" is something baby bats say, she's not a baby! Why would she make a "bweh" sound? Stop it bweh! Stop making fun bweh!!
Can you record yourself making a bweh so we know whats it supposed to sound like

How does it feel to have created a story where people are so interested in the actual world and its inhabitants? Even though their interests seem to only be in one particular part of that world but still!

Feels good! I gotta get more actual pages done, though.

Maybe hair grows out near the base of the horn. Himehorns that couldn't grow hair out of their horns were abandoned like other crippled himehorns. As a bonus, biology majors twitch and foam at the mouth at how that works.

Gross. That's not a himecut!
The horns have noclip! That's the official story!

Have you taken a look at RWBY? I find it interesting from an artist/animator's perspective.

I tried watching a bit, couldn't do it.

Are the Himehorns native to the now frozen world but nohorns are from elsewhere?

The answer is.. kinda complicated. You'll find out later. They're far more native than the nohorns, anyway.

Maybe all the himehorns have little rings with hair hanging from them they put on their horns to keep the line.

Maybe their horns just turned on noclip.

Dan! Where do musclehorns with curved horns (like a demon or a bull) stand in himehorn culture?!

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Normally only hornmothers should have varied horns -- musclehorns and haremhorns should be uniform in appearance. Depending on the state of the herd and the severity of the variation, the haremhorns might find such a musclehorn "a little flashy" or "creepy" or even "deformed". If it's anything beyond "flashy", the haremhorns will take the small musclehorn and leave it outside the cave to die of exposure.

Every once in a while I find a new anime I find interesting, download it, and watch the first episode, but I never go further. I don't have the attention span to sit through even 10 minutes of anime, I always end up tabbing out to my browser. What can I do to fix this? Is my brain broken?

That happened to me, actually.
What you need to do is reintroduce activities that require long period of focus. Read a book, draw, that sort of thing. And UNPLUG YOURSELF when you do it! No checking your phone while reading, no answering ask.fms while drawing and -- uh oh

What time will you be running your stream?

After 2PM EST, Feb 14-15th!
I'll start pinning times to the front page. Just gotta find a nice way to display it...

You might not have asked for it, but people can't help it. The secret, Dan, is that you were the a cutest all along.

Can I trade in my cuteness points for a nice OL Sakura-chan?
You might not have asked for it but people cant help it The secret Dan is that
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>Want to hug the bat >Not enough money so I can give you some on Patreon WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

Life is suffering, anon!

You are a rail-road operator. A train is on the tracks out of control, about to kill 5 people. You can flip a switch and move the train onto a second track, where it will only kill one person who happens to be working on the rails. Do you get decaf or regular coffee during your break?

Either is fine. I pay for the coffee with the money I stole off the fat man I pushed on to the train tracks.

If you re-released vampire bride, but edited it to have more himehorns, would it be - Vampire Bride: The Hime cut?

I actually do want to make a side story about an albino himehorn. Something a little Spice and Wolf-ish, maybe...?


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