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What exactly do you do at Ubi? Are you a code monkey? Lead artist? 3D modeler?

I'm a game designer!
That means I work on the basic structure of the game -- the rules by which everything works. I tend to work in pre-conception, conception and R&D, but I'm pushing myself to work on stuff further downstream (main development phase and live operations -- that's the stuff you see after launch).
I'm actually working on For Honor at the moment. It's a fun team.

Why have you chosen game design and not comics creator ?

I try to do both. ;w;
I spent a few years away from Game Design to dedicate myself to comics -- NNN and the start of Vampire Bride came out of that. Actually, so did Paper Eleven and Nana's Everyday Life.
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That's not a question, Dan, why am I stuck when I draw ? I followed Loomis' fun with a pencil, and I don't get it, my characters aren't good at all, but one could see that there is a level in my line, but what I draw is awful oO I need to work even better ! I'll do my bestest !!

Don't worry if it takes time -- it HAS to take time. Learning to draw is a physical process, and you need to take the time to burn the movements into your circuits.
Do your best, anon!

How many muscle horns would it take to make 3-4 templars start to get nervous?

Even one musclehorn is dangerous if you're unarmed, unaware, or a templar with no special skill for combat. Amongst the Templar who are sent into the field... well, they're protected by The Pact and the last time they fought they drove the entire species underground, so they're probably not too worried.


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