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How about looking at art the same way we look at tech development? Good new stuff for everyone to use, and turn into new, complex stuff and frog-girls.

The enterprises are quite different, I think, and the type of angst associated with each is pretty different, too. For sure the draw of technology is that it's new and useful and solves problems better. The draw of art for the artist and the reader might be exactly the opposite -- or not even be captured along those dimensions.

Why is it so difficult to be self confident, when others do better than you (this is very bad to think this, all the people together ARE better than A person), when you can't draw as you want, why so many question, why some people aren't happy because of to many questions ?

Stop thinking about confidence, stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about YOUR ART. Your art is your rock -- your whole world -- and you have to push it up that hill. There's no point looking at how others are doing with their own rock. That has nothing to do with you. Once you fully dedicate yourself to your task you'll find that those other concerns simply slip away. They're just not important.

Then what do you consider yourself good at writing?

I think I've lost the need to chase "being good" -- I'm more focused on simply dedicating myself to the art and the problems and points of interest that naturally arise out of each work. I would consider dedication a good point. The rest I leave to others -- each person can decide what they make of it and what they want to do with it, if anything.


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