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I think I still have copies of those Loomis books. Any good way we could get these hosted? I don't know if they are public domain or not yet. Don't want anybody to get it any hot water.

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No need, folks can easily find the books in the artbook threads on 4chan.org/ic/. =w=

Hey Dan, I found out that if you click the ¨other works¨ in your page, while you are on it, it leads you to the old game page. Just letting you know.

Oops. Thanks, will fix.

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Do you like FPS games? If so, what's your favorite?

Not really my thing. The last FPS I really liked was Doom 2. The strafing was fun. ;w;
I know that there are still games like that being made (like that Kickstarter game, Strafe), but I've just lost my taste for the whole genre after I got to that alien world in the original Half Life. I just put it down and never picked it up again.

Have you played or watched Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (or) Umineko no Naku Koro Ni? If so, which one did you like more and why?

I watched the Higurashi anime and loved it. I played Umineko until I got part way into Ep 5 and then dropped it because I didn't like Ange. ;w;
I heard it gets a lot better... I should pick it up again sometime and finish the series off. Maybe after I finish Himehorn's Daily Life and Vampire Bride...

Is there true happiness/despair in fiction or is it all just calculated narrative formulas designed to evoke arbitrary responses?

More like calculated formulas designed to evoke a pretty specific range of responses. But I'm not sure what you mean by TRUE happiness/despair. A work of fiction is just a bundle of poetic lies, but we're moved by lies and false beliefs all the time.
In any case, although a work of fiction can't convey an experience, an experience that arises from reading the work can be worthwhile in itself. To make that concrete: a work of fiction CANNOT (for example) convey the experience of having a puppy dog die in your arms (if it could, the experiences would be literally indistinguishable and contain all the elements of actual experience -- for example, the smell of the dog, the wetness of the vomit, etc.) ... however, you can have the experience of reading a work of fiction, and that can be quite worthwhile in itself, I think. We don't need to puff up fiction by saying it can do things it can't.

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Since I would never shake hands with you, can we do this through drawings? well...when I would able to do so off course.

Too busy drawing himehorns to do other stuff at the moment. ;w;
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How does it feel to be a watch wearing dildo? I know I'm still trying to adjust myself to the WWD life.

I am surprisingly okay with this.
The company takes good care of its employees. I'm taking a tour of the main studio on Monday, and then there's a 5-7 happy hour on Friday with food and beer up on the rooftop terrace, and then there's a lakeside event and an annual address next month...
And the work is fun! The day's over before I know it. =w=

If in the future you could design a new body and insert your brain into it, would you do it? What would you do differently?

I'd wait for AI brains and android waifus!
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You can dedicate time to your family when you are old, this is what grandparents are for no? Teach your grandkids how to pick a waifu and avoid the megacorps like a good chummer. Seriously there is no good answer to that, land a hand when someone is in need then mind your own business for the rest.

<-- Posted for that other anon.
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Hey Dan, do you have a brother or a sister? How different do you think your life would be if you had/didn't have one?

I have a little sister and a little brother.
My little sister is into horses -- she does grooming, riding, etc. and has worked at some pretty big name stables and shows, apparently. She's travelled all across the USA and Europe for work. I don't know anything about the horse world, so I can't go into any more detail than that. She's been at it since she was 6 or 7 years old. She got hooked early.
My little brother is a physics guy, like my dad. He's getting his PhD in Materials Science at MIT right now -- he's only 23!
And I think I'd feel a lot more pressure to get married and have kids if I didn't have younger siblings. It's kind of a shame if your parents go to all the trouble of hopping the pond, setting up in a new country, working hard to send you to a good school, etc. and you just let the bloodline die out. Luckily, my sister's a super cutest (how she walks down the street without men clawing each other to pieces is a mystery to me) and my little brother has a childhood friend on his arm, so I don't worry about that too much these days.

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I'm torn because I feel like I dedicate too much of my free time to my personal projects and I'm afraid I'll regret not dedicating more time to friends and family when I'm old. Do you ever worry about that?

Ah, that's a hard one to call.
As for myself, I don't really enjoy friends or family, so I don't have any experience resolving that conflict... sorry I can't help you out there, anon.
For anyone else reading this -- if you have some good advice, give a shout! Thanks!

There is no point of living if you dream modestly, but the thought of your dreams being too big to ever accomplish is frightening and dreadful. What do?

Just remember that you're going to die, it's going to be extremely frightening and likely very painful. Even worse, you are going to get OLD. Odds are that you'll live a long, healthy life as an old man. Can you live with 20 or 30 years of regret? Never knowing what might have been if you just tried a little harder, took a little more risk, put in that one extra hour?
Could you like 30 years with that kind of regret?
To me, that's too horrifying to contemplate. It'd be a living hell.
So do it now, anon! DO IT NOW. Pur everything you have into achieving your dream. You might not make it, but you can at least enjoy your old age knowing you put in everything you had. And even better, you have live you life now, today, working hard on something you love. I can't imagine a better way spend your days.
Good luck, anon!

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Phantobiologist here. I see one of my colleagues has been posting. Have you done the standard measure of the cloaca yet? I have a friend doing research on moe genetics and the standard measure could help shed light on them being girl monster or monster girl.

All I can report is that they're stretchy and gooey and have a very strong himehorn smell.
Phantobiologist here I see one of my colleagues has been posting Have you done
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Hey Dan, I had a dream about the quest yesterday... or something like that... instead of the ask, it was like a chat, with avatars and all that, the avatar changed every time Leedah transformed into Starry Leedah, also, you joined the chat at some points to leave pics and to help Leedah

That would be cool. =w=
Hmm... let me look into this...

What is your goal with your art, dan?

On the Subject of Witches is the next big one.
I've been trying to type up an answer that'll say just what the goal is, but it's the sort of thing that really doesn't lend itself to words. It's not the kind of goal that can be measured or attained -- it's more like .... hmm... well, there's an aesthetic vision, there's a way it is, and I'm happy just to follow it down the rabbit hole while it does its thing.
I used to have real, hard goals when it came to art, but On the Subject of Witches seems to be allergic to any and all talk of "goals" and "purposes", so I'm keeping that out of it.
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Hime cuts are a notoriously high-maintenance haircut, so how do the himehorns maintain theirs? Do they just have it naturally, and don't need to worry about it?

Their hair naturally grows into a himecut shape. If you shave it off or cut it (don't shave it off or cut it) it'll grow into a himecut again.
btw, you can enjoy himehorn facts here:

Snowhorn's horns you can see some rather large veins inside. ||| Using a rare / faulty himehorn as an example for the rest is not really a very reliable answer to me... but, ok.

Hmm, good point... Here, break open these horns. We'll discover the truth together.
Snowhorns horns you can see some rather large veins inside  Using a rare  faulty

They're made of something keratin-like... but if you look at Snowhorn's horns you can see some rather large veins inside. Perhaps their horns also help with cooling? Hard to say...|| maybe they draw in oxygen? And extra, external, pair of lungs for the low oxygen high altitudes of the giant tree?

Their trees aren't THAT tall, anon! ;w;
Theyre made of something keratinlike but if you look at Snowhorns horns you can


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