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What is Pancake's origin story? I don't think you've mentioned her until recently.

She's Cupcake's younger, flatter, nicer, more a cutest sister. She does her best for everyone and respects her onee-chan but doesn't understand some of the things she does. Sometimes she cries when Cupcake ignores her or is mean to her in videogames.
It would be nice if she could grow up in a healthy way without her Cupcake onee-chan corrupting her.

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>>... ... She was such a cutiecake... how did this happen...? : < It must have been those Medical Whiskey guys... You probably should have paid better attention to who she was hanging out with, man.

Obvious photoshops I can tell from the pixels
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Is there any hope of love for a man who has grown cynical of romance?

Congrats, you're free! Live a happy and productive life doing what you love.
I was in it for their cuteness, but honestly at this point in my life it's not worth it. I have comics to do, my productive years are limited (I expect my eyes to get worse), and frankly I don't have the status, money, and excitement in my life necessary to keep some insatiable utility monster from cutting me in half down the line. It's a rational calculation -- High risk, catastrophe on failure, low benefits on success... why bother?

SwoleMaster Decu decides that in the grimdark futurepresent, all write/drawfags/whatever for MGNQ must be able to reliably perform 30 pushups first. How rekt are you?

30 is easy when you live on the moon.

Does Pancake have a picture yet? I feel like I must have missed a comic somewhere along the line...

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Just one very rough picture. Really, she's still just a twinkle in this neckbeard's eye.
Does Pancake have a picture yet I feel like I must have missed a comic somewhere

Does Cupcake prefer frosting from a girlz or from boys?

... ... She was such a cutiecake... how did this happen...? : <
Does Cupcake prefer frosting from a girlz or from boys

When does Christmascake-chan marry 'that new hire'?

W-what! That new hire is nothing but trouble... trying to headhunt our personnel and steal our management techniques...
Still... the way she works hard is pretty admirable... maybe dark mooninites aren't so bad...?

Why is Bikky such a shit? Vampires. Why are cute fuzzy things actually terrible? Vampires. Vampires are the worst. #burnallshitpires #stakesforbloodsuckers #noseriouslyfuckvampires.

Why is Bikky such a shit Vampires Why are cute fuzzy things actually terrible

I think... I'm starting to get confused on all these cakes. Is Christmascake-chan, like... the older sister?

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Christmascake-chan is a corporate magical girl!
She'll protect everyone's synergy from Dark Moon Corp. and that mysterious new hire ...
No relation to Cupcake and her sisters.
I think Im starting to get confused on all these cakes Is Christmascakechan like
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>>Christmascake-chan: paperwork, lasers, sending that chocolate and beer straight to her thighs Dan, why??!

That's where she stores the power for her lasers. That's the story anyway, and she's sticking to it.
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You missed off Bikky's amazing skills at being a treasonous bitch.

Here comes the anti-vampire hate squad. Why do you hate the harbingers of the final darkness so much, you shitlord? Can't you just accept them as they are?

Oh no, someone ate all the cookies. Which of your pastry musume do you suspect first?

If its Pancake, she shared with her sisters so they're all guilty.
If it's Darkcake, the other two let her get away with it.
If it's Cupcake, she'll convince me it was the other two.
Gotta punish them all. It's the only way to be sure.

How organized are your files?

It was terrible:
About 15 years of manga in two folders. It's all gone now though -- I moved it on to CDs back when burning CDs was a thing and set it aside. Yep.

Are you a buyfag or do you mostly use fansubs/scans?

Subs and scans. I buy games, though. Can't really say why besides convenience, being a cheapass, and inertia.

Any particular anime you've been watching this season or next? Or are you too swamped for anime these days?

Just finished Sidonia no Kishi. I didn't bother with it at first since I'm already reading the manga and wasn't too hopeful about the 3D, but it was great. Great adaption of the material, fights were just awesome, and man those sound effects... ...
Really looking forward to Tsumugi's cuteness next season.


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