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Stay away from my super a cutest! >: T | I will consider it only if I can take the other two...

You can take Meiling. Leave Tomoyo where you found her, she's not what you think.

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What about bread made in a rice cooker? And if not that, then what breads can you be a respect on?

Maybe a cream-filled chocolate chip bread. That's about as close to caek as a bread will ever get.
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Who is your favorite himehorn quest's character so far?

I like Raisin, of course! Coco is cute, too. I want to tease her.
And also the hornmothers in the lazy snacking club are great... muhuhuhu~ =w=
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Flour. Eggs. Milk. Bit of butter. Various bits and odds and ends. When you get down to it, the ingredients are mostly the same. It's just a matter of mixture. After all, you find bread and cake both in a bakery. FACE IT. YOU'RE JUST THE SAME AS THOSE COMMON, COARSE BREADS. TROLLOPS, ALL OF YOU.

That's over the line. My a cutests are NOT breads. Breads are trash, not a cutest caeks like my a cutest, mega a cutest, and almost a cutest.

Double the DFC Double the FUN | ... so says the guy sharing oppai all the time on twiiter... what a poser.

What if I want two super a cutests, though?
One in a chicken and nest apron... the other in sheep pattern PJs... ;__;
Double the DFC Double the FUN   so says the guy sharing oppai all the time on
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How many pages long is Cupcakes transformation sequence? darkcakes ?

I want to draw that someday...
I really have too many comics on the go. I need to work more efficiently... or maybe save up and quit my job again and draw comics for a couple years...
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