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What prompted you to get a job again, Dan?

I got a call out of the blue from a producer I used to work with -- the best producer I've ever worked with, actually. He worked himself like a dog for the project we worked on together, protected the game from HQ's bullshit, and the project went on with almost NO WASTE. Games get content cut all the time, but thanks to really good management, excellent team building, and lots of hard work from everyone on the project, almost everything that was built made it in. It was amazing -- something like 22 full 3D action-RPG levels with an 18 man team in about a year. And the game was GOOD. Anyway, there's more to the story (including internal company stuff that happened after the game finished) but I shouldn't talk about it. In short: I trust this guy 100%.
Anyway, he called me up and said he had an interesting secret project and wanted to talk about it over lunch. How could I say no?

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You're getting a job, Dan? Doing what? Are you excited?

Oh yeah -- I'll be doing game design again at a big game company. Not working on AAA, though! A much smaller, secret project with a brand new kind of gameplay! Exciting!

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Since you're re-entering the workforce, have you watched Shirobako yet?

Not yet! I should probably watch it before I work on puella pantsuit. ;w;
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If a character of yours was part of the Blessed Lady's pantheon, which character would it be? And what would their title and role be?

Off-brand Knight Victoria.
Role: being a bwehka
If a character of yours was part of the Blessed Ladys pantheon which character
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I prefer Persona 3 ... 4 was good up to golden, after that it turned into Atlus's cash cow ... Persona Q is OK too.

I stopped playing P3 after I got to that wheel of fortune boss. I saved in a no-win state (vastly under-levelled, no time left on the clock) and never went back. I should go back and actually finish it sometime.

Sorry Dan, genetics beat you to that. But if it makes you feel better I hear that Cupcake's going to give the new cake a sibling as soon as she can.

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Sorry Dan genetics beat you to that But if it makes you feel better I hear that
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Why is trying to get a job such suffering ;w;

It's a rough market out there, isn't it? I only got this position because the producer I worked with at my last job jumped ship to this new place and called me in. Networking and making yourself valuable matters a lot, I guess...
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Do you like the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series? What do you think of P5 so far? and... do you think we will be able to get it Undub?

I loved P4! P5 looks fantastic so far.
I hope we can get an undub. It'd be best if it's included, but I'd pay real money for a DLC undub patch if necessary.

Another thing on making friends: There's a book that's called "how to make friends and influence people." Read it.

Passing it on. =w=

On making friends: Show genuine interest in the lives of others. Seriously - people love talking about themselves. Find common things to laugh at/complain about. Think of activities you both like doing and do them! Actually meeting people you like is the hard part, though. Good luck, Anon and Dan!

Good advice! Passing it on. =w=

Help! My imouto is turning into a Hero of Justice! What do?

Just support her, don't ask too many questions, and make pancakes in the morning. You can be a dependable onii-chan who will always be there for her! The one she thinks about when she fights her battles!
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>Making friends | Just be your usual moeblob selves, anon and sempai! Be sure to make yourself useful, though! A combination of competence and whatever clumsy charm you might have, combined with earnest honesty, is the best policy! Just be frank! If you're nervous, just be nervous! Does that help?

There's advice for the anon who asked! (and me?)

Dan, you're getting a Job? I thought you said you were going to home school Pancake? You certainly didn't forget about that, did you? I mean its past the last registration day and you spent any tutoring and babysitting money on cupcake's private school.

Looks like I'll have to send her to a boarding school. I'm sure she'll be fine on her own. She's probably a little like Darkcake that way. She only cried a little when I told her... she's a good girl.

Congrats, Dan! Now that you're distracted with the new job, where are you hiding the Cakes?

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So, has Cupcake told you what the new cake's name is?
It's alright Dan, Cupcake is just following the tradition that you started with Sakura with putting a cake in the oven before preheating it.
>and set her straight! But that will have to opposite effect Dan! all my Yuri anime tells me so!
>my a cutest when
Congrats Dan Now that youre distracted with the new job where are you hiding the
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> set her straight! > An all girl school! ... OK, She will go full cake, especially with the influence of your other works. Instead of a McHugehands she will go with ChristmasCake Onee-sama.

That's Darkcake's territory. Maria-sama ga Miteru with christmascake OLs...
"New hire! Your tie is crooked. That's unbecoming of an employee of Megucorp."
[grabs tie]
"Now... Onee-sama will fix it."
"O-onee-sama.... ...!"

Hurry up and make the CAKE SOULS games, sempai! And be sure to make Frostingbourne an every-platform launch! Do your best, okay? The fate of moekind rests in your hands, now!

Maybe one day I can work at Compile Heart and make the true moe souls. =3=
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I hope this isn't interpreted as a joke or troll question, so I apologize if this is taken the wrong way, but I'm dead serious. How do you make friends? I can't fit this into 300 characters, but I feel lonely. I want to make kizuna with other people, but I just can't. It's really hard. Thanks, Dan.

I honestly have no idea. I've never kept very close friends. That said, maybe I can say something about "bros" in the "brother in arms" sense -- I think strong shared interests, common purpose, and shared projects/experiences helps a lot. Good skill synergy (like an RPG party, ha ha ha), sharing in troubles, failures, and victories together and building up trust under pressure... saving each other's necks, that sorta thing. All that stuff seems to strengthen bonds. There are a few guys I've worked with in the past that I'd really trust with fairly important stuff. Are they "friends" ....? I dunno. But they're the broest of bros.
Folks with experience making friends, please reply with help for this anon (and me, too?) ... ;w;

Congratulations on becoming a grandfather Dan! I always knew Cupcake and Chad McHugehands were meant to be! --Wait, that's not why people are congratulating you?

>: T !!!
I'm gonna put Cupcake in a good school and set her straight! An all girl school! Cakes only! No more holding hands!!
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What does it smell like in the bathroom after cupcake has done her business and gone back to the computer and you walk in to empty your deflated balloon?

Sour melon candy, stale cake, and old socks. She needs to watch her diet. : /
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