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I'm sure we're all already on some list somewhere. | Yeah... it seems like it. I linked them by mistake today (also updated my profile, because I was bored) and I just got a like of someone I don't even know on twitter when I made the update of my story. Not sure if it's related, but too suspicious

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Maybe it's just a new Raisin fan!
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How does one find a good job without a degree?

Connections help a lot. You can call it nepotism if you like, but you need teams that work together effectively, and that mean they have to get along.
I got my first job because an old school friend of mine had an older cousin who needed a funny comic art guy, and that old school friend gave him my contact. Later on, I got my first game design job at Gameloft and I found out that the guy who hired me was a reader of the comics... and the current position at Ubi happened because the producer I worked with at Gameloft moved there and wanted to bring in old hands he could trust.
Well, it's the old cliche, but there it is. People want you around if you have something they need and they can trust you to make 'em successful. A degree can play into that for sure, but that's not the only way to do it. Just gotta have useful competencies and play the people game.

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How did Cupcake find out about Darkcake? How did YOU find out about Darkcake?

I got a call from an almost a cutest a few years ago. I guess her mom told her in the end...
As for Cupcake... she didn't seem surprised by Darkcake at all for some reason... hrrm...

Does your mom know about Darkcake? Maybe they could hang out together without Sakura finding out?

No, I don't think she knows about Darkcake.
Darkcake is a secret to everyone but Cupcake. : /
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Why do you draw yourself so ugly, dan? I've seen your picture and you look pretty good! You're probably one of those terrible people who gets better looking as they get older, too.

You know what's crazy? It might be true. I've got some of those Romney-style white hairs coming along the sides and it looks pretty decent.
Anyway, I draw myself like that because that's my true 2D self.

;~~; rip anon-chan |||... and its your fault, Dan! You could have stopped it! Anon only wanted some of your time. You monster!

This is Darkcake all over again...!!
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If you lost your eyesight, would you give up on life or find another way to express your cartoon butts?

I'd probably have to switch over to writing. : (
Sigh. And no more video games... ;~~~;
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Sorry. ;ww; ||| I-I see... I understand. *goes and dies in a corner*

;~~; rip anon-chan
I'll set up your body for organ donations
maybe you'll end up inside some 3DPD and take over her mind Liquid Snake style and live forever as a qt
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How do you manage to be so busy all the time? Even normies have some time off.

I took on a major side project at work and it's EATING ME ALIVE.
If it pays off it'll be huge, though... so I can't put it down.
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What are you most psyched to see animated: Cibo's cibos, Sanakan's sanakans, or Pcell's pcells?

Don't forget granny Mensab!
And I can't wait to see Sanakan rescue level 9 Cibo. That entire sequence is going to be amazing.
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