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http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?page=70&lang=&series=snax&HUDoff= Who would mother mary be for them?

That would be The Guardian Maria, of course! Said to be the strongest Guardian ever! Supposedly the White Witch planted a special witch-seed within her ... the one who fruited from this seed was supposed to return and restore the original Witch's Garden of long ago... but they've been waiting for well over 44444 captains now.
Well, that's the story, anyway. The Great Hall is strange and crosses into many places. You can't trust everything you pull out of there. At the very least, True Nail of The Cross can be trusted. The blood of the fruited preserves the nail from the passage of time and a single molecule can imbue a weapon with tremendous power. Even now, The Lady Maria is watching over them!

What do you think you are, boring or interesting? Why?

Hmm... quite boring in real life!
I play games, draw, read, eat, and sleep. That's about it!
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Every time I come up with an idea I like I end up convincing myself that it is garbage and not worth pursuing. How do I keep myself from convincing… myself… that an idea I have had is shit?

Just think of your current project as a training ground for your future projects. It's OKAY if it's kinda grabage. Just think of yourself as a skinny guy starting out at the gym. Yeah, if you can only lift the bar, that's a pretty shit lift. But it's what you gotta do so you can lift big and get big later. There's just not path that lets you jump instantly from shit idea to amazing idea. You gotta suffer through the training, man. We all do.
In fact, even if you had an amazing idea, you'd never be able to pull it off without building up the skills you need to execute it properly. So again, the answer is training and practice.
Just start now and build up those skills. It's like climbing stairs: you don't need each step you take on the stairs to be perfectly optimal. And you'd be an idiot to start over and keep trying to make the next step perfect. Just keep bumbling upwards and keep that upward trajectory going! Eventually, after hundreds of steps, you'll have huge legs and it'll get easier and easier!
Do it now, anon! DO IT NOW

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How lewd is Algis?

At least 44444 captains have passed since the first fruiting. Every fruiting has been the fruiting of the White Witch's seed. That is a lot of lewd.
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What would one have to do to be allowed to touch Algis's eyebrows?

You'd probably have to cross to the other side, anon.
M... maybe that's what the afterlife is like for the Templars? To become one with the essence of fluffiness itself... a witch's eyebrow... that would be heaven, right?
What would one have to do to be allowed to touch Algiss eyebrows
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Dan! I have to write but Im stuck with the plot and it has been three days already, what do you do when it happens to you? I feel kinda guilty.

Three days is nothing, man.
If you want to crack it, do these two things:
First, get really clear about what the problem is. Explain it to yourself the way you'd explain it to someone who doesn't know anything about your project. Why is it a problem? How would you formulate the problem? How would you know when you had arrived at the right solution? Okay. Hit your head against it for a while.
Then just relax. RELAX. Take a break and do something else entirely. It's very important to distract yourself and just let your brain digest your problem in the background. Then you can come back to it and bam -- suddenly, in the shower or while you're eating a sandwich it'll leap out at you.
Here's a great video from John Cleese on creativity. Hope it helps, anon:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qby0ed4aVpoCloneManga’s Video 134085852274 Qby0ed4aVpoCloneManga’s Video 134085852274 Qby0ed4aVpo

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CloneManga’s Video 134085852274 Qby0ed4aVpoCloneManga’s Video 134085852274 Qby0ed4aVpo

What exactly do you do at Ubi? Are you an artist? Programmer? Creative director?

I'm a game designer!
I'd like to grab a Game Director or Creative Director seat at some point. Actually, I may get my chance soon...
I'll give a shout if there's anything I can share down the road.
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Will ¨Dan Kim: The Quest for Happiness¨ ever become a reality?

I'm already happy, anon!
>Dream job
>Comics and vidya all day
>Free from the succubus
The only hard part will be playing out the autumn and winter years on 1P mode. That'll be a rough ride.
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I think anon was more asking why games go 'beep boop, you are afraid' rather than actually being scary

Pretty hard to make a genuinely scary game. If you can't pull it off, gotta beep boop.
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Let's talk about another VII, the one with dumbed down dialogues, full voice acting, and censo- I mean reworked scenes to fit the current social situation. Oh, did I tell you about no world map? Because it's out too. Enjoy your three part ff7 remake.

FFVI is my game
>no movie
>no cameos
>no fanservice
>no remake
>no nothing
This pain is nothing.
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Why do 'scary games' sometimes try to make your 'fear' a mechanic? Like that Wick thing- why not make the kids stay out of the light and stalk you until your candle burns out, rather than making you 'afraid'?

Delayed feedback vs instant feedback.
If a candle take 3 minutes to burn and you flub the section (your candle burns out at the ghosts get you), well, where did you go wrong? Could be anytime, anywhere, or anything during the 3 minutes. If you can accidentally run into the kids while the light is on (maybe this depletes your candle faster? Like a health bar? I have no idea how the game actually works...) then you know where you went wrong and you can adjust your play accordingly.

Episode VII is good, sempai! I thought the pacing could use some work, but it was executed well, had an actual plot, and made it surprisingly difficult to find a time to go to the bathroom! That's a good complaint to get! Best girl needed more screen time, though, but you know how it is

Eh, it's okay, Espernyan. I'm not expecting much and I'm not really attached to Star Wars. I'm going to go into it like I go into a big budget AAA game: I expect well-manicured and soulless flash, a lukewarm bath of political correctness, some good action scenes, some surface-level navel gazing to tick off the "depth" checkbox, and some slickly inserted merchandisable / back-of-the-box moments.
Basically, I'm just hoping for 201X Action Move with a Star Wars skin. If it delivers that, I'll be happy enough.


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