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A portal to another world opens in front of you. You don’t know how long it will stay open or if you’ll be able to get back after you go through. What do you do?And which world would you choose ? A reminder , you might not be able to get back again !

I gotta be careful. Since I'm a middle aged salary man, I'm way more likely to fall into a grimdark isekai.

3/3 I have to go now. A familiar wild herd is arriving and they don't look so good. many are injured and there are far fewer of their numbers. I'll contact you shortly.

What happened?!
Come in, defective horn keeper! Defective horn keeper....!!

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2/? It's gotten so hot, the haremhorns are scrubbing the musclehorns down in tubs of ice water instead of hot water. They are not complaining about it. It'll be incredibly costly to dig deep underground shelters cool enough for my horns. perhaps some time later then.

If only there were some large hills or mountains around, the musclehorns could do the work themselves. ;w;

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Summer is here. The crops are growing, The skies are clear, and the high heat is making my herd suffer. Earth has hot summers here and the horns from their old world appears to have not adjusted to that yet. They will live none the less. 1/?

The horns used to enjoy hot summers long, long ago... perhaps they've changed since they've started living in the caves. ;w;

3/3 My elderly Musclehorn I think is getting done with training my other musclehorns. I think she is also going to teach her Parkour style of moving and use of the environment. Soon @muscle_Horn will not only more dangerous in a fight, she's going to be harder to slow down!

Good job, OldMassalHorn!
33 My elderly Musclehorn I think is getting done with training my other

2/? So this will be my chance to witness all castes of himehorns growing up. The defectivehorn that was missing her left horn I believe will be a musclehorn. I want to record every fact and element of the herd's life so that other humans can learn and understand them.

Keep an eye on the defective musclehorn. Those can become very dangerous if they have temper problems...
2 So this will be my chance to witness all castes of himehorns growing up The

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Time has flown by and family and herd is growing up. The two smallhorns that was laid by my first hornmother are growing up to the point of I can tell what they will be at full grown. I have a Normal himehorn and a hornmother. 1/?

Are haremhorns really normal?
Defectivehorn Apostle here Time has flown by and family and herd is growing up

5/5 I hope me and my horns don't show up on the net from all of this. My herd is well fed, I got needed work done, and I also introduce my herd to the Roanoke river. The biggest moving body of water they have yet seen. They were a bit nervous around it.

Hm! The rivers on Big Egg tend to be warm/hot and contain lots of tasty treats for horns. I hope your horns weren't too shocked. ;w;

4/? Why the hotdogs and such? I attempted to feed them sea food (crabs and clams etc, fish is something they do know.), but my horns are not used to eating that yet. Indian curry how ever is a hit with my horns, It's easy for them to make and eat with their hands.

I'm surprised they can handle all the spice! It must be a new sensation for them.

3/? 'The Texas Tavern' is a fixture down here in Roanoke, VA. They really can serve 1,000 horns, 10 at a time. The cook boasted he had seen everything coming into his diner, that was until he saw my horns come in and sit at his counter stools. They ate their fill of hotdogs, hamburgers and chili.

Delicious! ;ww;
3 The Texas Tavern is a fixture down here in Roanoke VA They really can serve

2/? You couldn't believe the looks I got at my horns. They behaved well in the offices, but when we got to the resturants was a problem. Mostly is that I had too many horns with me, they couldn't seat them all. So I went to a local dive that is really good. It's called 'The Texas Tavern'.

I can see all the haremhorn heads just barely peeking over the table...

Defectivehorn Apostle here, You wondered where I am going to keep all the horns I have? I went down town to get building permits to have a few more building put up on my property. They won't know it's to house horns in. my horns followed me all day in the city, even into the offices. 1/?

The horns are exposed! ;w;
What will the city nohorns do now...?

3/3 I have some business to take care of downtown to the south of where I live at. So I'm taking a risk and bringing some of my herd with me. They will see those big towers they only see otherwise at a distance close up. I wonder how well they can handle being in a restaurant? Wish me luck!

Smallhorns playing in a bowl of spaghetti! Cute!

2/? The summertime hot and dry weather is in full force. So my musclehorns are getting grumpy about not having easy access to all the mud they once had. Although all my smallhorns are helping to off set their sadness. They love all of them, but @muscle_Horn is their favorite.

muhuhu~ =w=
My favourite, too.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Things are calming down for the most part. Although we have so many smallhorns now Trio and Scar can barely keep up taking care of all of them, so my wife helps out where she can. It's hard for me to get any sleep either. 1/?

Those smallhorns will be not-so-smallhorns soon... where are you going to put all these horns? ;w;


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