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Maybe? We will never know for sure, but I can't really complain either way since I am having a good time. Plus, I get along with all the witches and their apostles that I know. You for example, I left some offerings for the GW Enna and her daughters, and Algis, TWW seems to enjoy my melon pastries

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That melon addiction is the source of all of Big Egg's problems!!
At least Enna's daughters will enjoy the offerings. =w=
+3 answers in: “I have a little theory... I think the cakeist is the son of a former templar. Can it be possible?”

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That doesn't really answer my question... First of all, we don't know if she really is a (Ex)Templar or even if I am indeed the offspring of one to begin with. In any case, she had many opportunities to do harm if she had wanted, way too many to count. Not that I would have allowed it, but still.

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If you were the offspring of a templar, you'd be hunted down and weeded out as a wild branch. On the other hand, you could enjoy the benefits of the pact without having to pay the costs, as you'd still be a nohorn from The City. Maybe that's why you can live with the horns in peace?
+3 answers in: “I have a little theory... I think the cakeist is the son of a former templar. Can it be possible?”

I mean, I know that. What I meant is, is there a Witch who is all about creating vampires or keeping them alive? Like, the creator of vampires or some? Same as there is Witch who is all about templars, you know? Does this question even make sense?

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You'll have to wait for an answer to that one... =w=

I wonder why people "asks you" stuff about me... but in this case, even if they asked me, I have no answer. I never met my biological family, so I have no idea, jaja. So, who knows? Are there any de/merits if that were the case?

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You might want to be careful about your melon-farming friend... it might be a double agent.
+3 answers in: “I have a little theory... I think the cakeist is the son of a former templar. Can it be possible?”

Why are haremhorns treated as pests? Even Victoria hates them, just what did they do to get treatment?

They eat melons and templar sisters and can be turned into vampires. Better to exterminate them first before they're all turned.

Do they have orphanages or refugee centers on big egg thanks to the goldhairs?

Enna's Domain is home to those few who survived the Templar extermination campaigns and the arrival of the Vampire. There may be other places, but they would have to be deep underground or within another witch's Domain.
The Templar themselves have no concept of "orphan", as every sister is a fruit of the White Witch's garden. Some sisters do tend to be a bit more clingy around the elder sisters that tend to the Allsisters House (where the youngest are raised and trained) but even the most needy sister (usually) grows out of it once she is integrated into her own unit.

If a himehorn is prevented from cutting their hair, just how long can it grow out too?

It grows out to exactly the right length. Unless it's a wronghorn. Some rare hornmothers also grow exceptionally long hair. This tends to go along with horns that grow faster than normal. Normally haremhorns will tolerate this small variation as long as the hornmother has happy eggs.

Is anything more desirous than fresh, ripe fruit? Fruit peeled tenderly and masterfully by hand to the expose luscious flesh within. Fruit that with each bite into its succulent pulp, spills forth with yet heavenlier juices - sweet, golden balm that both soothes and excites the tongue. (2/6)

Yes! The melons of our garden are the greatest.

The Templar hasn't made the vampire submit, she has herself submitted, both to the vampire and to the temptations of the flesh. This foul, blasphemous, heretical practice cannot and must not be used as an example.

Well said, sister. Let the tainted flesh of her vessel be purged and sent back to the darkness.

>Nohorn go home dance | ... I always felt that their horns could snap because you make them dance with so much vigor. It looks like they grab their horns too hard.

Their horns are very sturdy. Breaking their own horns by grabbing them would be harder than using you bare hands to pull your own arm off.

I think templars just should gay vampires into submission. One special templar already managed to do that so it is possible. Vampires just want a little bit pink in their lives.

Like I keep saying, Templars are not gay. Bikky isn't gay either. Please stop these malicious and heretical rumours!!


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