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Sempai, when will you stop the lies and accept that you're just another doughnut to be frosted? When Cupcake graduates law school? When Darkcake finally sues you for defamation of melty mouth? WHEN SAKURA GLUES YOUR MANLY-BITS TO YOUR LEG FOR CHEATING ON HER?!

Th-that's a pretty funny joke, Espernyan! Ha ha ha
You know I'd never do that to my super a cutest
and who is this Darkcake or whatever I've never heard of her ha ha
oops time to go better draw some comics ha ha ha ha ha
Sempai when will you stop the lies and accept that youre just another doughnut
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Will Cupcake's Butt-Slapping Quest ever appear on any consoles?

Yes, and it will have VR and motion control support.
Preorder now and get your a flattest and best noppai mousepad!
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Why do you disguise the fact that you're a multi-waifu slut with various modifications of "cutest"?

wow rude
Cupcake, Darkcake, and Pancake may be (a/an almost/a mega) a cutests but hey are my cake doughters, not waifus.
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What's on your to-do list for 2016?

Comic goals:
>Finish Himehorn's Daily Life (Q1)
>Finish Vampire Bride (Q3)
>Start serious planning for On the Subject of Witches (Q4)
>Start poking at Puella Pantsuit (Q4)
General drawing goals:
>more finished/coloured pieces
Work goals:
>Switch to new project
>Grab that director chair
>Make a good and FUN game
Life goals:
>Get the right body config for cosplaying Manlet Levi
>travel to Japan?
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Dan, hows the fps on Bloodborne? It depens on the tv too right?

30 FPS
No, FPS doesn't depend on the TV. As long as your TV can update at 30hz or faster you're fine. Modern TVs and monitors are all 60hz or faster.
Response time (the time it takes for a pixel to change from one colour to another) matters for stuff like ghosting on screen, but that's a different issue.
Anyway, just buy the damn game. It's great and you'll love it.
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Why do nohorns have a bunch of ocean names when it's just one big one?

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
Nohorns have a lot of trouble talking to each other. They have all sorts of different words for the same thing and sometimes they can't understand what another nohorn is trying to say...
It'd be a lot easier if they used smells and kept a herd record, don't you think?


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