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My poor frosted and a worst||| Acceptance is the first step on the path of recovery, Dan. She may be a cutest but she is not a best.

She's still a best in my heart...!
If I don't believe in her, who will...?! ;~~;
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>Endless creaming jokes | As opposed to endless frosting jokes?

>Endless creaming jokes. ||| As if you didn't get endless frosting jokes.
>But there are already endless creaming jokes.
my poor a frosted and a worst ;~;
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If you make her an Ice Cream cake and keep her in the freezer, she'll stay pristine forever.

Hmm... I wonder if that's the secret behind my super a cutest's beauty...?
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>How much does it cost to frost Cupcake? Can I get a group discount? || Discount? What? The only way you could spent less frosting her is if she paid you anon.

How much does it cost to frost Cupcake Can I get a group discount  Discount What
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Remember when Cupcake was just an honest, hungry meido-chan?

Like it was yesterday.
But now I look at my a cutest and a best and I'm just like:
Remember when Cupcake was just an honest hungry meidochan
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Why can't she be a good girl forever?

Because she's a cake, anon.
A cake must be baked, then frosted, then go stale.
That is the way of things.
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>I've just been feeling more and more irritated and joyless at work Take your own advice, Dan; when you're getting irritated with what you're doing, work on a different project for a bit. I know it's hard because it's your job, but I'm sure you can manage!

Yeah, you're right!
I gotta change things up after work. Maybe go out and enjoy the city... urgh...

Are YOU gonna back indivisible my Lab Zero?

Nope. Not the kind of game I play or care about.
Hrrm. Looks like they're doing about 2% a day... they could still make it.
Or who knows -- maybe Pewdiepie will play their demo and save the day?

If you leave your cutest hanging out she can chat up Chad while you have your headphones in working hard. Then she'll convince you to let her give chad a kiss. Better buy that black hood and earplugs now, Dan. ʘ ͜ʖ ʘ

If you leave your cutest hanging out she can chat up Chad while you have your
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Is the cakeseed place at your new job place good?

It's alright. There's a cafe downstairs (right in the office), a swinging wooden bench and comfy modern furniture, a room full of weird-looking stuffed monsters, a bookcase full of ranma manga... there are nice restaurants outside, too, but I don't really bother with 'em (I try and pack lunch).
Hrrm. It's strange though -- I've just been feeling more and more irritated and joyless at work. Probably because I'm doing work for my side project after work on and on weekends and not drawing my himehorns...
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Since cake is a high calorie food that isn't a natural part of the himehorns ecosystem, why don't any himehorns ever get chubby from eating too much?

Haremhorns carefully control portions and always test new food first and carefully monitor their hornmothers. I'm sure they found out about the dangerous effects of cake as soon as the first haremhorn taste-tester experienced the sugar rush.
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leave her hanging out// I don't think your co-workers would enjoy that too much dan. Or maybe they would enjoy it too much. And this just got really scary and mildly lewd. What method of suicide do you think would work best? I need to get this out of my mind now. Forever. ;_;

I suggest slowly hating yourself to death.
It takes a while, but it's really the only way to go if you mean it.
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Probably Cupcake// would you really want cupcake to be constantly talking to you all day? What happens when you put your pants on and the cutest can't see who you are talking too? There is problems with this idea.

I guess I'd just have to leave her hanging out. : T
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If you had to have your genitals replaced by a smaller version of the head of one of your OCs, who would you chose? OC retains all magic powers.| Sempai, what the hell did I just read

The best of my inbox
If you had to have your genitals replaced by a smaller version of the head of
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