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On the barely related note of that last ask- some series/movies that have brought out unique emotions well for me are: Welcome to the NHK, Kaiba, Planetes, Toradora, Hotarubi no mori e, and a few others im too ashamed to list. Do you have anything like that or do shows never do that for you?

Haruhi, Madoka, Clannad, Kana ~imouto~ (visual novel), Hard Boiled Wonderland...
Ahh... I should take a break from trying to draw and just read, watch, and go to museums and stuff. Restock ammo and recharge. ;__;
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Hi, Dan. My question did not fit into 300 letters, so please, read it here: http://pastebin.com/YSPcMPeH

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Hmm. It's hard to say. In a way every highschool harem comedy and every magical girl show tries to touch it... but it's hard to capture that feeling, isn't it? Evangelion is probably the only ones that really does it for me. It's all there: a scary and ruined world run by hypocritical adults, the constant feeling of being at your wit's end, being ungrounded, uprooted, and raw to everything that touches you, and asked to do way too much... everything is too much.
I dunno. What else can top that? I have no idea.

How many of you QMs and drawfags and writefags and associates do you have on Steam or Origin or your preferred game playing platform? Do you guys play games together?

Not many, really. I've only played games with @Shureria and @montiray .
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>All comes to ruin in time | Even witches?

Well, witches can't interact with each other directly. Witches like Enna and Algis, anyway. Boobella seems to be a different kind of witch though...
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Lubella(Momodora) vs Enna vs Algis in a FFA witch battle royale. Who emerges the victor? Speaking of witches, do you plan to fill in the missing links on the VB encyclopedia when more of the story is revealed? some do not work.

Enna wins in the end, but it takes an eternity. All comes to ruin in time, and ruin is Enna's domain.
And yes, I will be filling up that VB encyclopedia as I go along! There are dead links for the moment but I'll get there. =w=
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But my super a cutest will get jealous of I get a doll of her... | Just put her soul on it and BOOM, DONE!

Sounds good to me. What could go wrong?
But my super a cutest will get jealous of I get a doll of her  Just put her soul
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>tfw no doll waifu | Just buy a life sized Sakura doll, Dan. Why wait?

But my super a cutest will get jealous of I get a doll of her...
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I really want to headpat a musclehorn.. is this something that's possible to do safely and without getting beat up? What about under the guise of bringing a cake offering for the hornmothers?

It might be possible if you smell like a haremhorn and sneak up while a musclehorn is sleeping. Or maybe you can trade some cake and a haremhorn will call over a musclehorn so you can patpatpat...?
Then again, once the haremhorn has the cake she might make the musclehorn turn you into a puddle...

>Feminist, brony and SJW. Hold on Dan I gotta get some kindling.

That's no good, anon, you'll put it into the atmosphere. We have to care about the environment.
Just put xir out to pasture and let nature take its course.

If you couldn't pick your own creations- what is your favorite monster girl type? Slimes? Lamias? Onis? Succubi? Centaurs? Hornets? Sharks? Cats? Spiders? Dolls? Robots? Cyborgs? Ghosts? Alraunes? Harpies? Dragons? Foxes? Mouse? Dullahan? etcetc or what is your favorite animal?

Probably dolls. I really like the idea of an "incomplete" human creation that comes to life... especially if it's by weird magical/arcane means.
Daniella from Haunting Ground
Doll Waifu from Bloodborne
Junk from Rozen Maiden
The whole doll and maker relationship is great, too. I want to do a comic about a living doll that leaves an abandoned island house and goes on a long journey looking for her maker in a world with fewer people in it... sorta like Yokohama Shopping Trip + Kino's Journey + The Littlest Hobo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgGKSjiw0HQCloneManga’s Video 135600424050 lgGKSjiw0HQCloneManga’s Video 135600424050 lgGKSjiw0HQ

How did you get to work as a game designer? What did you study?

Computer science, but being able to draw, write, and create alternate worlds helped a lot, too.
If you're a red mage -- that is, you have a good mix of technical and creative background, you're a good candidate for a designer. You don't necessarily have to be the best at either side, it's just having the right mix. Oh, and it helps if you have a head for systems. There are plenty of game designer subtypes, too -- like narrative designers, guys who specialize in just controls, UI, economy systems, etc. Or you could become a level designer if you don't like making up systems but love using systems.
Hope that helps, anon!


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