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Is there a vampire society? I was under the impression they were crazies wandering the wasteland in search of blood.

Almost all vampires are the wandering crazy type. There's no society as such, but there are a few oddballs:
- There is at least one vampire that isn't crazy (you know who)
- There are vampire "hives" in some of the old cities that display some form of organization
- Some sisters who have been bitten retain their faculties long after the fact
The last one is a serious problem. Some Templar have anti-blood so potent that they might not realize the curse has taken them until several days -- even weeks -- have passed. After a certain tragic event in the past, the Guardianship created several filters and countermeasures to identify and destroy any infected templar returning from the field.

Does animay exist in the Vampire Bride universe?

Bikky and her bat waifu have the "Magical Girl Cupcake ~ya im a cutest~" season 1 boxed set in their basement.

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Is the difference between past surface dwelling Himehorn to what they've become now like the difference between wild eagles vs domesticated chickens? Is their condition equally non reversible?

They're still pretty close to what they were on the surface. The musclehorns are a bit shorter and less aggressive, but that's about it. If there were ever a chance to live again on the surface they'd return to the old ways in a few generations.

So Snax and Bikky are a couple? Sorry, I'm a bit slow on the uptake here. Isn't that taboo?

Y.... yes. It's heresy, anon! Heresy!

". They're not really sure about the details (it's a secret kept among the priestesses)" Sounds more like no Templar lives enough to "returning safely from the field one day and having lots of healthy children". That the sad true about the mahou shoujo....templars fate

Templar do make make it back sometimes. You'll see more when Sigrid's story continues.

What are the Witch-Apostates? Is that a different term from Witches?

Witch-apostles. They're the wandering servants of the great witches... or so they say. Their motives are often inscrutable to outsiders.
They're always welcome guests to the himehorns. The templars regard them as spirits or prophets -- encounters with them become the stuff of legend. Lower vampires are terrified of them, higher ones treat them as creepy vagabonds. Other races hold their own attitude to the apostles.

How much do vampires need to drink in a relative amount of time? Does it vary between "vicious" vampires and "domesticated" vampires like Snax?

Depends on their activity and form. In power saving mode, Snax can get by on just water if she does nothing and sleeps all day. If she's flying around and expending energy in her largest form, she can drink constantly without limit.
A lower vampire feeds opportunistically and has no power saving mode. They usually go insane from despair or hunger.

What kind of D&D stats would the different castes of Himehorns have? They would be an interesting encounter for anyone not reading your comics.

I don't know enough about the current D&D system to stat 'em properly.
Someone please do it for me.

Could I have an example of what the extra special Cupcake rewards come at the $10 of your patreon? Are they just drawings or what?

Well, in December I sent everyone a Christmas card in the mail (from Cupcake, with a nice drawing inside). I'm a little behind though... I want to make them nice, memorable gifts.

How easy is it to kidnap a hime horn and make them throw away their herd?

As easy as kidnapping a head and getting it to throw away the body.

Which templar is the lewdest?

All the templars are pretty repressed, but they have vivid fantasies lives. Sadly, there are some sisters who simply can't control themselves and act on these fantasies. They must be disciplined. Or worse. There are a lot of crazy stories about the clinic in the far east wing... but they're probably just made up to scare the little sisters straight, right? Y-yeah.
Anyway, Bikky is probably amongst the kinkiest since she's discovered the world of fuzzy feet moe. Most other templar restrict themselves to fantasies about returning safely from the field one day and having lots of healthy children. They're not really sure about the details (it's a secret kept among the priestesses) but it's supposed to feel good, you get a lot of time off, and you get double (DOUBLE!) rations... it's almost too good to be true!

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These himehorn questions sure have taken a lewd turn, huh?

That's what happens when you run out of primary material to talk about. : (
Gotta finish these pages.

So I can worm my way into a herd and become harem king?

You'll have to settle for life with a sad outcast hornmother... or you might try your luck with a long-lost line of himehorn surface walkers.

Do himehorns ever sharpen their horns?

Why would a himehorn mutilate herself this way? Her horns are a precious gift given to her by the hornmothers.

Can a hornmother and nohorn make love? What would the other himehorns think of that hornmother having a child of a nohorm?

You'd only smash her eggs and give her a terrible infection, possibly killing her. You're better off just giving her hugs, headpats, and tasty cakes. But please only attempt this with an abandoned hornmother -- trying to headpat a hornmother still with her herd will end in musclehorn beatings (unless you're under the protection of The Pact... in which case, bully away you sicko).

What determines what caste a himehorn is born into?

Their biology is set from birth. A small musclehorn will always grow up to be a big musclehorn, etc.
It's not clear what causes any particular egg to be a musclehorn, haremhorn, or hornmother. All the himehorns know is that the proportions seem to work out right -- there's never an overabundance of hornmothers or too few haremhorns, etc.
If for some reason the proportions got really out of whack, it'd be up to the haremhorns to start culling smallhorns to preserve the well-being of the herd.

What would happen to a smallhorn who develops a large chest? Or would they consider that a birth defect?

No problem. If she's a musclehorn she'll work off the fat. If she's a haremhorn -- hurrah! She'll be at the top of the pecking order and spend her days feeding the smallhorns. If it's a hornmother... okay, that's strange, but they're not going to throw away a precious hornmother for something like that.


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