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If a nohorns came to the Himehorn and taught them the art of baking delicious cake. What would the Himehorn think of that one nohorn? Would they consider that one nohorn to be a friend?

I think they'd be very suspicious. Don't trust a nohorn bearing gifts!

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>waifu only lives up to 30 years NO

On the plus side you can keep her horns on the mantle. They'll be huge by then.

How tall is senpai? In centimeters, please.

158 cm.
Sakura was 158 cm at the end of the final movie... and 163 cm at the end of the manga.
tfw taller christmascake office lady waifu
How tall is senpai In centimeters please
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How long does it take a smallhorn to grow big?

Eggs take about a month to hatch.
As for growth after hatching, it varies: haremhorns take about a year to mature. Musclehorns look like stern-faced/dark-horned haremhorns for the first year, then keep growing. They reach maximum hugeness about two years after hatching.
Hornmothers take 4-5 years to get to their egg-laying stage, but they live the longest -- 25 to 30 years. During that time they can produce almost 10000 eggs. Once a herd has 20 hornmothers or so they'll be around pretty much forever barring truly catastrophic disasters (repeated loss of the hornmother leader, egg fungus, collapse of food sources, nohorn extermination squads, etc.)

No, really. What are you doing?

Finishing some secret content for a secret side project, then this tattoo design for this lady who does this charity tattooed lady calendar for kids, then back to comics...
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Is there any hope for the himehorns?

Maybe the last vampires will choke to death on the blood of the last nohorns and surface will thaw again? And maybe there will be a lots of cakes under the snow?! And maybe the cakes will be strawberry!?! AWAWAYUMYUM
Is there any hope for the himehorns

Sadden to find out senpai wasn't actually a fat loser. Mega shocking to see him be mega handsome and cool. >tfw you'll never raise his flagu ;_;

Don't worry. I'm a 5 foot 2 manlet that draws cartoon butts, so I'm not that cool. =3=
Anyway, be late for stuff and take sudden turns at corners. Maybe I'll bump into you and knock that toast outta your mouth.
I-it could happen...!

What's a healthy proportion of mother:harem:musclehorns to start an ultimately stable population?

If you have a safe area set up for them, start with one motherhorn, ten haremhorns, and three to four musclehorns. They'll regulate their own population and the proportion of musclehorns to haremhorns as they feel out the environment. I suggest restricting their access to food after you get to about a hundred himehorns or you'll start getting an excess of young hornmothers and experience a population explosion.

Have you heard of any uncommon advice for animators? Also, common advice that's often neglected?

No idea -- I'm not an animator and I don't really have any insight into area. Sorry... ;w;

>dem smallhorns || Gentlemen, place your bets! 10-1 odds on death by Bikky, 5-1 odds on death by Bikky related emergency, 3-1 odds on death by Templar, 3-1 odds on death by Snax or vampire, 5-1 odds against death after escape, 100-1 odds against peaceful death. No bets taken for death by suffering.

S-stop it! You're scaring the smallhorns!
dem smallhorns  Gentlemen place your bets 101 odds on death by Bikky 51 odds on


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