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What are the charm points of each of your doughters?

Cupcake: her a cutest and a best face, of course! And the curly ends of her twintails.
Darkcake: her good nature and earnest, industrious personality.
Pancake: her tiny hands and bright eyes.

Meanwhile MonsterGirlIsland is making 4-5x more than YD on patreon but is way less known. I guess lewd really does sell and creates devoted fans. I think he deserves it since he apparently works almost all hours of his day on the project. Do you know anything about it?

I heard there was some drama when the original team broke up but I don't know anything about it.
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I find it odd that you support YandereDev when as a professional game dev you should be able to see how flawed his workflow is. He puts all his effort into Easter eggs and feature bloat when his main gameplay mechanics haven't even been nailed down. The game will never be done & Patreon will pay

The right workflow is the one that gets the game made. If someone has to make easter eggs to stay sane and stay creative, that's the way it's gotta be. Good process can help, but the point of diminishing returns creeps up much faster than you might think. At some point you just have to start making the game and start iterating. Even when it comes professionally made games with all kinds of process management -- man, it's a miracle anything ever gets launched on time, if at all. I'm happy with the content and speed of delivery. And the communication with the fans -- especially for an indie unit -- has been great.
As for mechanics, yes, as a game designer there's a lot of stuff I could say, but frankly there can be world of difference between a perfect "on paper" design and what really works once the controller is in the player's hand. This kind of live development has its own merits. And I'm not a gameplay fundamentalist -- what I want is for the player to HAVE FUN. That can happen even despite (or even because) there are "broken" mechanics. (Of course, my personal preference is always to have super solid, rational mechanics... but I'll still play games like Neptunia and enjoy the pointless jump button that let's me yell "KANGAROO NO YOU NI" and spam that fucking stupid sonar button to hunt for invisible loot).
Anyway, Yandere Simulator is already better than No Man's Sky and I'm sure the Kickstarter will do well.

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Does Darkcake want A Quiet Life?

She wants to work hard and be useful to others... but also have someone dependable and trustworthy in her life that she can always rely on. Someone who will see the good in her even when she can't and tell her not to work so hard -- that she doesn't have to push herself like that all the time. And she wants two kids. A boy and a girl. And a big dog -- a white one with a curly tail and big stompy paws and a cozy home where everyone can sleep soundly under one roof. She wants to make breakfast for everyone in the morning and come home to noisy kids in the evening. But that's all far away. For now, she has to study hard, work hard, and do her best every day or that dream will never come true.
Darkcake is doing her best!
Does Darkcake want A Quiet Life


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