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>Haven't watched it yet | Weren't you complaining about it earlier? Is being open-minded about new things not edgy enough for your imageor something

I was saying that I saw what happened to Star Trek so I'm not expecting much besides a normie action flick.

>Himehorns eating squids // I wonder what those squids taste like...just like real world squid?

Nohorns shouldn't eat those squids -- they'll be poisoned right away.
Himehorns are fine with them, but they might have disturbing dreams while digesting them overnight. They taste super delicious. Imagine warm, twitchy, slimy, stretchy mochi filled with chewy, super slippery noodles and salty juices. That's a squid!
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Coul the himmyharns a cuteness come from Hanyuu's a cuteness? Would a hornmother who looked like Hanyuu be tossed out of the cave for being too much of a wronghorn? WHY DOESN'T ANYONE HER HORNS?!

Hanyuu would definite be a wronghorn.
And she doesn't even lay eggs!
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>Japanese-style shrine god thing going on with offerings and yearly festivals, etc. | How about Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni ?

Watched the anime and loved it.
There might be some of that, too. Hmm.
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>abuse in your recent works | Where the hell have you been anon? Abuse and suffering is the flesh and blood of all of Dan's works.

>cute girls
>black pages
That's the whole thing, pretty much.
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Were the witches in Vampire Bride inspired in any part by the Witches from Umineko?

Hmm... well, they do both live in a metaworld of sorts, but part of that is Lovecraft, too. But there's also some kind of Japanese-style shrine god thing going on with offerings and yearly festivals, etc.
I have played Umineko 1-4 (and part of 5) though, so there must be some influence in there somewhere.
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I think I've lost track of which of your girls are which of a cutest.

Sakura: a super a cutest
Cupcake: a cutest and a best (or a worst)
Darkcake: an almost a cutest
Pancake: a mega cutest
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>they are still a cutests and are therefore weak to cake. | Ther eare some cutests who cannot have cake. Your offers would only enrage them, Dan!

>can't eat cake
getting a lot of mileage out of this image
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>That's GREATEST cakewitch! | I bet the witch-hunters have a big bounty on your edgy little head, then

That's okay.
Even if they are the world's strongest magical girl witch/vampire hunters, they are still a cutests and are therefore weak to cake. Delicious dark chocolate lava cake with just a hint of bitterness for a sophisticated, adult taste... a topping of fresh cream for added lightness... and a blend of freshly picked wild-berries for the perfect touch of tartness that lifts and balances the entire dish. What's that? Still on the warpath? How about this ultra-comfy bed with fuzzy sheepskin blankets and all-down pillows, piled high with the entire collection of Jojo and a secret stay of R-18 BL comics? Kukuku... I sense the conflict in you, child of The Garden! The lust for comfort!! ... Now, gaze upon this pristine copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends and generation 1 Gamecube, all still in the original box, and this heated kotatsu with a fuzzy cat and pile of still-cool-from-the-fridge clementines and fresh pot of green tea!!

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