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Are there any euphemisms other than frosting, because I feel like we need something new?

Euphemism...? W-what are you talking about?

If you'd done a better job, maybe she'd be at home enjoying the festive season rather than out with her new 'daddy' getting frosted by strangers for shiny baubles. What were you thinking?

It's a lost cause. I'll do better with Pancake. Right Pancake?
... Pancake... ...?

more like your DOUGHteru

I used the best ingredients ... I followed the recipe... how did it turn out like this...?

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How much of Santa's special frosting would your daughteru take for a stylish new phone?

Stop reminding my about my a caekest's true nature. Let be deny reality in peace!

Hey Dan remember when on Epiloguists you tried to explain NTR and it made you sound creepy? It's funny because it's true.

I am a creep. That's why I sound like one. =3=
Also I pity the fool who doesn't love NTR.

I'm going to enjoy Positive Feelings Day with a six pack of My Alcohol Plus. What about you?

Drawin' comic pages and probably an all day waifu stream!

merry caekmess senpai~,your comics and sarcastic caekisms have dragged me through this year you da real mvp

Happy Positive Feelings Day! =3=
Getting messages like this makes it all worthwhile. Glad the comics were useful to you. =w=
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It's hard to tell the age of a cake if it's Asian. How tell if Christmas or every day of the year cake?

Check for sponge for dryness and crumbliness. Also if a caek suddenly shows interest in you after holding hands with fifty Brad McHugePalms you know the deal. She's settling for you. You wanna be someone's consolation prize for the rest of your life? She thinks she could have done better and she'll let you know it every goddamn day. Just walk away, man. Play games, draw butts. Walk away.
wait what are we talking about here huh

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

There's a cafe on my street with a really nice Pistachio Gelato. Great during the summer.


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