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Would himmyporn just be, like, a super warm cave with lots of veggies?

Depends on the caste.
There's usually there's a bit of a scenario.
For a haremhorn:
- A hungry hornmother
- Oooh~ she's soooo hungry! And she's sad! ;~; Why won't anyone feed her?!
- A haremhorn comes in with a big basket of fresh veggies and a plate of delicious cooked meat
- The hornmother is drooling! She's so ready to be fed!!
- The haremhorn feeds the hornmother and she loves it
- She even overeat juuuust a little
- And then she falls asleep and lays a double egg in the morning
For a hornmother:
- The hornmother is in a super comfy nest with a comfy blanket
- But she's still not satisfied! She's bored!!
- She starts to complain. Then she complains some more!
- Her complaints get louder and louder about smaller and smaller things, but her haremhorns always satisfy her desires! The work hard to make her happy right away!
- Then she looks out of her nest and sees a big happy herd with lots of happy eggs
- Laying a lot of eggs!
For a musclehorn:
- Headpats and sweet words of praise from a haremhorn
They can't even handle it. It's too much for a musclehorn!

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So dan. I just discovered a guy who started college with no money and 200K in loans. He left having paid the entire sum. Meanwhile everyone else I know is stuck in debt. Having realized this I have to ask what you have done to make sure cupcake doesn't get stuck into prostitution by Chad to pay debt

My a cutest can always ask her twitch followers for money.
If that doesn't work, she can always settle down with a rich beta, wrap him around her finger, and then spend her days in luxury while getting frosted by Chad on the weekend.
I'm sure she'll be alright.
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>As far as I can tell, they reblog shittily filtered gifs on tumblr and make in-universe OC headmates Absolutely disgusting. Good to hear that fanfics and their autisum still live on in the growing wasteland of FFdotnet. Have you ever written fanfics, or were you always a comic creator?

I wrote a Shinji x Rei Evangelion fanfic for my 10th grade English class. The teacher was so impressed she read it over the phone to her friend and cried (not even joking). Then she read it to the class and pushed me to enter it into a contest...
The story was just Shinji going to Rei's apartment. He reflects on the construction sounds and enters her empty, but dirty apartment. Then Rei come home and finds it nicely cleaned up. Then she's on a train and reflecting on the incident some unspecified time in the future. That's it. It was a story about unexpected kindness viewed from a distance -- both in space and time. Anyway. The English teacher was going through very bad divorce at the time and I think it hit a nerve.
I've always enjoyed writing. On the Subject of Witches will definitely have some written sections.

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Can Himehorn have multiple haircuts :o ? I mean a nohorn can actually mess up her hairs! (so evil!)

Nio Kasgami
If you cut a himehorn's hair, it will eventually grow back into a himecut.
But please don't cut a himehorn's himecut!
>: T
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Tell that Anon that fanfiction survives on the edges of the Internet, Livejournals five years past their expiration date, the desiccated carcass of Fanfic.net, the eldritch horror that is AO3... They're still there if you have the attention span. And if they still have the autism.


I thought that said tokusatsu and was confused for a second. Are those kinds of shows popular in the VB universe?

Nope! Although such a thing might find its way into Enna's Domain, they're not readily available enough to be popular.

>People no longer know what lemons are Is the age of fanfic over, Dan? They were terrible, but they were a nice kind of terrible (sometimes). How do fandoms even do things nowadays?

As far as I can tell, they reblog shittily filtered gifs on tumblr and make in-universe OC headmates.

The cakeist made one of those kotatsus thingies the other day, but it's only on sometimes after the cakeist duties are done. :c and I don't know how to turn it on myself.

It sure looks cozy!
I hope the cakeist lets your herd enjoy it...!

>the big egg is super-warm | That sounds really dangerous, sempai. Are there lots of volcanoes an' faults to let out all that heat, or is the whole planet just really full of magma or something?

The herd records don't say anything about quakes or volcanoes at all. Actually, it was pretty much himehorn paradise before the nohorns came along. They really need to go home.


I had to do some work for the project this weekend. Actually, I'm even heading into the office on Sunday. ;ww;
It's REALLY interesting, though, so I don't mind at all. Muhuhuhu... =w=

Are kotatsu super popular/the height of luhxzahree in the VB/Himehorn universe because of the gradual cooling of the world into total post-apocalyptic blackness?

Blankets are definitely in, but a heated blanket/table combination...?! That might be TOO luxurious -- especially for one of the children of the garden. The inner guardianship would never tolerate that level of excess and indulgence.
Bikky and the bweh have one, though. The bweh likes to watch Bikky fall asleep under the table. She'll never get tired of her sleeping face!
Anyway, more generally, staying warm on Big Egg isn't actually a big problem. The planet has an unusual amount of heat inside, and almost every natural water source runs from warm to very hot. The rivers never freeze over on Big Egg, even during the coldest of winters.
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Bikky, Big butts and little boobs, or big boobs and little butts?

Bikky used to be RIPPED and HARD, but she's lost a lot of muscle mass since her peak condition.
Here's a pic from back when she had Chun Li thunder thighs.
She almost has a runner's body now:
Mostly because this kinda thing:
She still had great abs, though.
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>Sailor Mercury lemon fanfics | ...Do I want to ask what lemons have to do with anything, sempai? Or should I just assume that this explains everything? Additionally, "Madkin".

"lemons" are fanfic hentai, Espernyan!!


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