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It seems like Annis and Victoria have more of a history together than I thought. But I thought Annis was like... really old. and magical. Was I wrong in thinking that? Is victoria an old hag as well?

Are you sure you're not thinking of Great Witch Enna? She's beyond ancient -- time has no meaning for her.
Annis is the same age as Bikky -- around 20ish.

What's a gwupo? Does everybody get one on their 16th birthday? Is there a breeding farm somewhere? Are they organic? Robots? Organic robots? What proportion of them become pimps...?

Gwupos are a species of thinking machines and longtime servants of the White Witch. During the age of stars they were her apostles, preparing the fields and gathering seeds for her coming garden. Today, they tend to the last remaining residents of the garden -- the Templar.
There are actually two types of gwupos -- new and old. The new are rare and spawned as part of an exceptional Templar's boon -- usually a Guardian. These tend to be friendly and personable but lack durability and power. The old are of indeterminate age but predate and tend to have detached or rather dry personalities.
Gwupos are warm to the touch and incredibly light yet squishy.


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