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"good girl" has heart pupils. WHY!

Wow, way to judge a cake on appearances, anon.
Her melty mouth, smooth mocha skin, and heart-shaped pupils just can't be helped. That's just the way she was baked. But she studies hard every day, works hard to be independent, helps others, never lets the world get her down, and never looks down on anyone.
pls b a respect on a caek

>it just gets harder as you get older >afraid of growing old alone >needs someone to help him around the house WHY DONT YOU JUST MARRY DECULTURE ALREADY?! SHEESH GIRL LIKE WE'RE ALL WAITING. AND YOU LIVE IN CANADA ITS LEGAL THERE!

No, he's too huge! HUGE

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I got myself a shit-tier drawing tablet on a bargain, tell me how do I draw butts with it. And seriously, I got this thing cause I'm computer graphics student, and it's pretty neat, but I'm kinda lost as to how to work with that thing efficiently. Wacom One M, do you think it's an alright starter?

Oh could you also post a photo of your workspace? My desk is a mess and I need a place for that baby, but not sure where to put it when I'm working on it, and when I'm not working on it. My desk has this retractable keyboard shelf that I don't use, would that be decent spot perhaps?
Sounds like a great starter tablet, anon!
I like to keep my keyboard on my left for photoshop shortcuts (mostly ctrl-z, x to swap between foreground/background colours, d for default colours, f for fullscreen mode, and function keys for macros like clearing the layer and flipping horizontally).
I keep my tablet on the right to draw and sometimes rest it on my knee. Or at least I used to -- I moved on to Cintiq Companion and it's hard to go back to a tablet afterwards. ;w;
Anyway, here's my old setup!

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I started playing Neptunia, Dan. How far does this rabbit hole go?

All the way down.
My first Nepnep was Neptunia V. I'm playing through Neptunia U and waiting for Nep VII now...
Let's Nep-nep together, anon!
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he still loves his ex-wife from the bottom of his heart and he can't stop himself.//That is really depressing dan-kun. I'm kind of surprised people bother at that point. Why can't more people be like you dan? ;_; Just imagine a world of nothing but people with your personality.

It's a real shame. Even worse, he made a ton of money after his divorce and it's killing him -- his friends and ex-wife turned on him and he's more alone than ever. I hope he can find some kind of peace down the road. But then again, maybe he won't be so lucky. Sometimes you get forced into a corner and there's nothing to do but live with the pain.
And I don't think that kind of world would go on very long, anon!
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Shamelessly steal the code for Kittens Game and change a few woeds to make a herd simulator. You are a Leader in a cake forest!

It could happen!
Leave cakes, attract himehorns, grow your own little herd in your backyard!
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So a few months ago as I sat by my grandmother's deathbed I decided to get out my laptop and finally read through your site to take my mind off things. Two hours later the incredible irony hit me like a brick and sent my mad laughter echoing through the dark hospital. YOU BRING JOY TO THE WORLD

Sorry for your loss, planefag.
And thanks for sharing that -- I'm glad to hear the comics helped out in a rough patch.
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... all this reminds me that I don't even have a job yet. Things gonna suck... alone and penniless~♪ To a bridge I will go~♪ ... and from I will jump~♪

Do your best, anon! Darkcake is cheering you on! ;~;
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I'll probably just hire a temporary maid or nurse service... | IF you have the money for it at the time.

I'll have to put aside some money for it. Time to start packing lunches again...
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Since you're afraid of girls, why don't you just adopt someone? You need an heir to the himehorn fortune.

Nah, tbqh I don't like kids.
And I don't think I'll sell THAT many snowhorn dakis.
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It's just gonna get harder and harder... | That is why you have a family, Dan. Don't you have a brother and sister? If your brother is like you and ends all alone like you. Brothers unite! Look out for each other! (because no one else will do it ;w;)

Ah, they have their own lives. We don't really talk much.
I'll probably just hire a temporary maid or nurse service...
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This is the one thing that actually worried me about the future. Getting sick and growing old alone is won't be fun. It's just gonna get harder and harder...|| if you've got cash you can always hire someone

I guess that's one option.
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A nohorn at the cave put on a smell that smelled like melons. maybe they all don't like smelling like that?

Nohorns even smell bad to other nohorns. Maybe that's why they can't make a herd? : <
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I'll sleep again in a bit.. I got hungry and woke up... ;~;|| >you will never have a sleepy sad Dan to feed cake to ;~;

This is the one thing that actually worried me about the future. Getting sick and growing old alone is won't be fun. It's just gonna get harder and harder...
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How do you define a ¨true friend¨?

I think you shouldn't expect too much out a friendship.
Friendships last for a time and are always conditional. Just keep a cool head about 'em.
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http://ask.fm/himehorn/answer/134256922026? When are you going to make a fighting game?

As soon as I can get 800k on indiegogo, I guess.
Also that sounds amazing.
Leedah's loses: "NO BULLY! ;~~:" (while being coddled by haremhorns)
Leedah wins: "Serves you right! Nohorn go home!" (while sitting on musclemuscle's shoulders and grabbing her horns like a steering wheel)
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;~~~; I'm sorry... Really, I thought I'd be well enough to stream... sorry! ;__;|| rest and recover Dan, the comics'll still be here tomorrow, make sure you and your health will be too.

Okay, will do. Cakenight for real this time. ;~;
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Just think of my twitter posts and doodles as non-canon bonus material with exaggerated forms of the characters.| basically the 4koma extras at the end of a manga volume.

Yeah, exactly that.
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