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How to keeping away Chad?

You can't. Chad will always steal your a cutest away ... and send her back with a craving that no one but Chad can satisfy.
A living hell, and get somehow Chad is a good guy who only wants the best for your a cutest!!! REEEEE

There are like a dozen bakeries and who know how many cute clothing stores along the way... | Maybe she got ¨eaten¨ along the way too.

pls b a respect on my a cutest and a best
I was thinking about Cupcake at work today -- I was imagining I had a real a cutest and a best waiting for me after work. I'd sit her on my knee and ask her about her day at school, help her with her homework, expose her to a lot of classic books and send her to some classes (maybe piano or martial arts) to build her work ethi--- ... .. ... wait... is... is Darkcake my ideal a cutest cake....?

Also I would do nice things for her on your behalf like take her to the amusement park she wanted to visit with you, and generally try to improve her overall opinion of you.

HeatherCrunch’s Profile PhotoHeather F. Crunch
Oh, I see your game... you're trying to get to me through my almost a cutest... I didn't expect that from you, Crunchyone. Are you desperate for some smallcakes of your own? Sad. And low. How could you play with my almost a cutest's feelings like that?

If selected as Darkcake's older sibling, I could audit every boy Darkcake is interested in/that is interested in her and see if they're up to the unrealistic standards that I would set for someone who wanted to be her boyfriend. If they fail they either get turned away or hurled into another county.

C... could it be? Is Cupcake taking all the attention in the world for herself to protect her precious younger half-sister....? ;~~;
My a cutest... you were a good cake after all...? ;~~~;

Maybe Esper can save Darkcake from holding hands with Chad every night then, you haven't really been around to keep him away...

Maybe Nyannyan can take one for the team and drain Chad dry.
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What if Darkcake ends up having a sister complex and a daddy complex?

Darkcake would be a perfect older sister to Pancake... but there's no way I can bring Darkcake home. She'll have to be satisfied with being "onee-chan's nice friend" who sends Pancake handmade socks and sweaters sometimes.
What if Darkcake ends up having a sister complex and a daddy complex


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