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3/? Also, just Where did she get access to cigarettes and how did she buy them? After grilling Musclehorn in the punishment sitting, she told me she got them from Cupcake's boyfriend's parents. They smoke and give her them in exchange for chores done.

I knew that boy was no good!! Defectivehorn apostle, keep that mad lad away from my cutest and your herd!

2/? I know that hornmothers are known to smoke pipes from time to time, but I have done my utmost to prevent that. That way they will have a lesser chance of laying more defective or dead eggs. Seeing @muscle_Horn smoking was a shock to me.

Haremhorns in the witch caves allow it since it seems to calm the hornmothers during stressful situations. Perhaps under those conditions the tradeoffs are worth it (and in any case haremhorns don't know about the negative effects of smoking).

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I'm sorry for this late report to you but I had a combination of a herd and my own family emergency last night. I caught @muscle_Horn smoking last night. I DO NOT allow anyone to smoke in or around my house. Period. 1/?


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6/6 That might explain why herds are almost non existent out in the plains of the mid-west. I kind of feel sad for the herds that might have been sucked up by all the tornado that ravage the mid west over the ages.

D :
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6/6 Still, I am amazed how they were able to hide in a city like NYC and not be noticed. I think they hid themselves like beggars and homeless bums. I just hope they didn't eat any of them.

I wonder what stories their records hold? A herd in a big city must have many disturbing and harrowing tales...
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5/? Getting that herd out was a chore as well, but It was easier than driving them out on a bus. And it was much cheaper too. Now I have another herd to heal before I resettle them some were else safer for them. They are so stressed that they are not friendly to any other herds now.

I hope they heal quickly. With clean food and water they should do alright -- horns are actually pretty resilient.
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4/? It wasn't as bad as the herd I found in the radioactive cave, but their defective rates nearly crashed that herd. The pollution and diseased condition NYC is was nearly fatal to himehorns it seems. I have to check to see if they can or are in other major cities now as well.

It's a good thing you're here, defectivehorn apostle. NYC is no good-- not for horns, not for nohorns. They'll be much happier in your lands.
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3/? Although the musclehorns did some fishing and hunting in the sewers but it was not a clean food to eat. They were often sick and very few eggs hatched much less lived to grow up. Their mood was much soured and unhappy. They rarely sung anything.

With their powerful sense of smell and dislike for the foul smell of nohorns, living in their waste water must be hell on earth. Those poor horns.
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2/? First of all, I was surprised any herd could appear in a mega city like NYC, but here they were. They were forced to live in horridly cramped spots where they could not dig out any extra space. They had a hard time getting food and often stole or scavenge though the trash.

That is not a happy herd.
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Defectivehorn Apostle here, I had to make an emergency trip to New Your City the other day. I found out a cave herd had escaped persecutions only to wind up in Central park and the tunnels under them. What i found was a near disaster. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
Oh no... poor horns...
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5/? Wild herds prefue to take over preexisting building and shelters when they can, but will make their own if they can't find any that they can use. The quality of such things is often not the best. They can learn how to make them better from learning how humans build however.

Some witch caves contain the ruins of cities previously populated by other alien species (chased below the surface by hungry horns in the distant past). The horns eventually any space their own. If humankind one day disappears, I would not be surprised to find horns in every former human city... with every city dressed up like a big herd tree. ;w;

3/? In a cave or over hang, they keep the hornmother and small horns as best protected they can. Also I found out that if given enough time and materials on hand, they can make Loges and other housing to keep themselves safe and dry from the weather for the most part.

Hm! Horns are good builders. I'm sure the haremhorns would love to decorate, but under tough conditions they must concentrate on more immediate concerns.

2/? When a wild herd is on the move or having to say out in the open, the herd mother will be kept in the center of the group usually by the fire, the small horns with attendants will be near her, the worker class horns around them, and the musclehorns on the outer band for protection.

Yes that is normal. The hornmothers are the heart of the herd after all.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I bit of a follow up to a comment of yours and a few observations of the wild herds. I feel the environment affects a herd's behavior. Inside the witch caves, they have much easier so they can spread out some. Not so much here on earth. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
As always, thank you for your reports.
I am always eager to hear about the behavior of wild herds in your world. The horns are very adaptable and in extreme cases herds can be quite different from one another, especially under periods of prolonged exposure to different environmental pressures.

So I started drawing a bit ago but drawing from the shoulder is causing my troubles, I'm trying to lock my elbow in place with mixed results so far. You don't happen to have some tips O great one?

Sadly I am a wrist and fingertip drawer. I have little advice to give here... bit don't fall onto my habits!

6/6 Also, the horns are sneaky when I can't see them, like if they are in another room or at night. But when they try to hide behind my furniture, tables, and desks I can see their horns poking out, giving them away. They don't seem to realize that fact yet to my amusement.

Muhuhuhu! In fact hornmothers lack some kind of awareness when it comes to the length of their horns -- a bit like dogs and their tails. It is really only an issue for hornmothers with very long horns, however.

5/? The down side is I have a hard time hearing them walking around. So they can be rather sneaky while being small is harder to catch them sneaking. My wife however has developed a radar like sense when they are attempting to steal snacks when they are not allowed to have them.

Hmmm, those hornmothers may be letting themselves be caught so their real heists won't go noticed. The endless snack battle between hornmothers haremhorns have turned them into expert sneakers and detectors. ;w;

4/? I have carpet and good rugs all over my house and the horns work in the fields so much that they often wear their toe claws down so they don't often need to trim them or get caught in the carpet fibers. That is a good thing.

Comfy horns on comfy rugs. A good substitute for soft grass.

3/? Well it would explain how @muscle_Horn and my son was covered in so many horns and little horns when she was napping by the fireplace. It was like if I blinked or even looked away for a moment, more horns appeared to added to the sleeping cuddle pile.

Horns love to sleep in big piles... but normally each kind of horn sticks to a pile of their own kind. A pile of mixed horns... a sight one could only see in the defectivehorn apostle's herd!

2/? Edit: correction, they DID perform some construction to my home with out telling me. I now have a small door in my basement that connects to their tunnels they dug near by. I will have to call the hornmothers together and inform them not to do that again.

A secret tunnel to happy horns! It seems your house is part of the horn caves now, hahaha.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Consider this a bit of a follow up to an earlier report. I do not know if this is a side effect of my unearthly powers or something the horns can do, but I realized that the horns can come and go into and out of my home with ease. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
Thank you as always for your reports.
Strange, normally the apostle is one appears in strange places unannounced. Perhaps the horns are up to something...?

6/6 I am thinking these coyote attacks are not normal. I hope it's not another Witch backed attack or I will have to go and visit that garden witch again and toss out some herbicides in there.

: T
Do your best, defectivehorn apostle!


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