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Cupcake has a great ass but she is lazy and will cuck you without a second thought. She'll leave you with a broken heart and an empty wallet still... really great ass.

>drains your money
>drains your time
>drains your sanity
>drains your happiness
Who is the real vampire here?
Cupcake has a great ass but she is lazy and will cuck you without a second
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Darkcake's childbearing hips. Moe hardworker. Won't cuck you with chad. Literally perfect.

ok hi but didu 3get im a cute
hi its me cupcaek a cutest and a best =3= muu
Darkcakes childbearing hips Moe hardworker Wont cuck you with chad Literally

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How to decide where to go in life, Dan? I don't even know if I want to go into an art, humanity, or science, and I'm in my second year of Uni. What made you decide?

I was just pragmatic about it. A STEM degree opens doors, and I could easily read novels and draw on my own time (and take a couple optional humanity courses along the way).
I decided on CS since I hated working in a lab with real physical materials ... ... and, well, I wanted to make video games. Actually, I wrote as much in my application and set it to the tune of "Modern Major General".
But you gotta decide, anon -- what kind of life do you want to live? What really matters to you? What is most important in life? Really, deep down? Really, really confront yourself. You may not find answers (who does?) but a general landscape might emerge from your investigation -- possible futures you might want to inhabit. From there, you can figure out what tools and provisions you might need in your backpack for the journey - the kind of education you need, the people you need in your life, what to cut out, what to keep. Doesn't mean you won't change your mind along the way, but you can at least operate with a plan, map, agenda, etc.
... Well, I'm sure that's so general as to be perfectly obvious and perfectly useless, but there it is. Sorry I can't say more than that, anon. You're your own master, so to some extent you're just on your own.

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Don't be mad because Marie is cuter than your trash waifu Sakura and your walmart brand cakes

>cuter than my super a cutest
pls b a respect on a super a cutest
Dont be mad because Marie is cuter than your trash waifu Sakura and your walmart
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Dan! A few months ago I (anon) asked you about getting into the games industry and you gave some really great advice about diversifying skills and being a red mage. It worked!! Got a game design job and I'm starting this month *_* thanks for being such a helpful and down to earth sempai!

Congrats, anon!! : D
Happy game-making!! : D
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I tried downloading Game Maker but >asking for address and phone number. wat? Also, which one do you think is the easiest one to work with?

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
Depends what you wanna do. Game Maker is probably best for 2D games and easing into game development for the first time, Unity for anything quick and dirty in 3D, Unreal for anything serious in 3D.
I dunno about the address and phone number stuff.

Pointy metal is weird but I saw cakeist put a stick in her ear. :x

Strange... maybe she's cleaning her ear?
Ask your haremhorns to do it for you. Himehorns don't need it, but you might enjoy the feeling just once.
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>download that free copy of Unity/Unreal/Game Maker and be the change they want to see. // Wait, what? How would I do this?? I wouldn't mind fiddling around with it every now and then!

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
It's right on their sites!
Just go over and download -- you don't need to do anything special at all!

If/When you draw sexys and or lewds are you able to enjoy them? Or are you too heavily invested in the creative process?

I always enjoy drawing Cupcake butt and Darkcake hips.
But it's not the same as enjoying someone else's drawing. ;w;
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Voice actress Miyu Matsuki has passed away on October 27 at the age of 38. Her notable roles included Hisui from Melty Blood, Sapphire from Fate/Prillya, Anna from Shimoneta, Cthuko from Nyaruko-san, Lailah from Tales of Zestiria, and many others. I can't even, Dan. So many waifus have died with her

Those waifus live on in our hearts, anon. They live on.
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Design-wise, Himehorns and Enna's daughters are similar... Is there some connection?

usagiusagiusagi’s Profile Photousagiiiiii
Since Enna has taken up residence in this world, the offerings that come her way naturally come from the original residents. It wouldn't be unusual if a few himehorn things eventually made their way to her side... say, some comfy blankets or robes...
But that aside, no connection.

Why do nohorns put things in their ears?

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
You mean earrings?
Nohorns are kind of strange. They poke pointy metal things into their bodies sometimes. They think it looks pretty.
There's something wrong going on in those nohorn heads of theirs.
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Dan, is this true? http://imgur.com/tThTbtR

It's sausage city over here, m8. That bottom picture might be every woman even tangentially related to development in a campus of 3000+. My teams have been >90% men, and walking around the building it looks like that pretty much everywhere.
The exception is HR, which is like 90% women.
I'm honestly not sure it's a "problem". There's a very robust and generous internal transfer and training program, and literally anyone can switch tracks and go from dev to producer or HR to design, or whatever. Since HR is run by women, you can be sure it's not men preventing transfers. And there's nothing keeping women from rising to the top -- heck, Jade Raymond WAS the top. But still, the proportions stand as they do. In fact (just from anecdotal evidence) it looks like having easy ways to switch streams and follow their passions can lead women /out/ of development. My HR contact used to be in development but decided she hated it (not surprising -- watching the sausage get made really drives people out. Heck, it drove ME out). And my producer used to be an animator, but she decided she liked managing people more. So what do you want to do? Force people to work jobs they don't want to do and make 'em miserable? Roll out the phony-baloney false consciousness arguments and tell folks that their innermost passions are really just the spooky actions of the patriarchy at a distance... and tell them to change careers based on /that/?
Anyway, all that aside, Ubisoft definitely has a super progressive vibe. The company and its employees give plenty of donations to try and get young girls making games and there are special parties, soirees, and conferences celebrating women in games, indie game meetings that specifically cater to women, outreach programs, bring your daughter to work day, daycare, 100% flexible hours, etc. And of course everyone just accepts that a woman developer is just a developer. No one cares. I see male and female coworkers playing Triforce Heroes together at lunch and smoking together outside. Heck, some even marry each other. There is no culture of hostility. The company has absolutely bent over backwards and then some to make sure everyone is well cared for, supported, made comfortable, and welcomed. I'm sure PC Principal himself would give 'em a thumbs up. I don't know what else they could possibly do to get more women into the development side besides somehow forcing them into the career path.
Seriously, anyone still complaining just needs to download that free copy of Unity/Unreal/Game Maker and be the change they want to see. There is literally nothing holding you back and nothing but ladders, legs up, big bags of money, and open arms ahead of you. I'm sure Ubi would love to have you.
Well. It's not like I really care about this stuff anymore, honestly. 2D 4 laifu

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