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What'll your kouhai's face be like when she gets DS3 and finds out that magic is broken-terrible?

;__; Don't say that! At least weapon stances are good, right?
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... but Dan, you have a better doughter already, Pancake and don't forget Darkcake... it's time to let her go... maybe, that way she will find herself and mature into a fine cake lady.

More likely she'll go around and collect frosting from every corner of the globe. I can't let my a cutest and a best out of my sight for a moment...
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>like her dad, Chad. | I didn't know that the cakeist had a name.

Cakeist is the chad of the herd, right? Everyone wants that cakeist's frosting...
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Does Cupcake have any aunts? Cousins? Nieces?

Not yet!
Maybe one day Darkcake will have a studious little chocolate cake Cupcake can act all tsundere towards.
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How do you think Cupcake's future little cake would look like?

A little mini cupcake with pink sprinkles, green eyes, and tiny twintails, like my super a cutest. She'd also be muscular and good at sports as she grew up, like her dad, Chad.

Do you have a copy of Saint Blossom Starry Leader VS. Hungry Magical Maid Girl Cupcake-tan VS. Sugar Daddy’s Empire? :'D

Yes, and the blu-ray doesn't have those conveniently placed beams of light and fog...
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Cupcake and the cakeist ship is gaining strength by the second, Dan... soon it will come alive and you won't be able to stop it anymore.

;__; Stop! Don't take my a cutest a best away from me...! ;___;
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What exactly is cutestness in words that I can understand, though?

It's what butt, flat chest, armpit, twintails, and collar bone all have in common.
What exactly is cutestness in words that I can understand though
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What was the cupcake's full mahou shoujo name?

Hungry Magical Maid Girl Cupcake-tan
She's not really a maid though.
And her moe-point isn't her hunger anymore... it's her narcissism and a cutestness.
What was the cupcakes full mahou shoujo name
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A cake made by the Cakeist, renegade apostle of ALGS. Restores a small amount of HP. Just as melons of the garden need care and nutrition, so too do the children of the garden. The renegade apostle took it upon herself to nurture the horned weeds, and was expunged from the garden. Or perhaps?

Horn Souls has the deepest lore!

You have been deemed unworthy of having your genes present in future generations. As such you are now sentenced to consume liberal quantities of Japanese media, effectively making passing on your genes impossible.

It's not such a bad fate, really.
When I think about how incredibly dreary growing up was, well, I hardly want to condemn someone else to all that.
You have been deemed unworthy of having your genes present in future generations


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