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If reincarnation exists, what kind of creature would you like to be in your next life?

I'd like to be a deposed Dark Meguca from the Dark Moon Kingdom in the Puella Pantsuit world. I'd live on a military base and carry out secret missions every now and then while maintaining a secret friendship with a warm and genuine (but kinda goofy) field operations meguca from Megucorp. I'd dream of one day escaping and living an everyday life -- going to school, shopping for clothes, getting into fights with friends over stupid and pointless things...
Actually, I'd rather be a neckbeard that writes and draws stories like that.

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Not counting your own creations, are there any creatures or fantasy/sci-if races from movies/games/books that really stood out in your mind as special?

Xenomorphs from Aliens, I guess. And The Borg. And I love the versatility of elves.

What does the snowhorn's eye look like? When you draw it, it seems different from a normal himehorn

Pink irises with big fluffy eyelashes -- the same way I draw Midorin's (Magical Girl Noir Quest) eyelashes.
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Mahou Shoujo or Mahou Tsukai?

What do you call a magical girl that is permanently stuck in their magical girl form? Like Cupcake? Is that even a magical girl anymore or just a magical being that is also a girl?

》musclehorns would be useless except for their psychological effects || What? You have a surplus of musclehorns that drain resources, so you send out robots and probes? They would be the invasion force. With herd infighting, musclehorns, and rate of reproduction you just remade WH40k orcs. 40K oni?

Are the Templars 40k marines?
Is Algis the god-emperor? She makes the ship move with her witch powers...

How would you imagine a highly advanced himehorn civilization? One that has mastered space travel advanced. Would they probably be those "Nom nom" type of aliens where they interact with planets solely for resources? Would they have a giant Death Star-esque ship shaped like an egg?

They'd probably eat anything that can't prevent themselves from being eaten, and then colonize every planet they can and turn it into a happy herdplace.
Pretty much everything would be run by haremhorns -- starships would be run and maintained by haremhorns, they'd do all the mental labour, interact with the robots, etc. And with sufficiently advanced technology musclehorns would be useless except for their psychological effects (hornmothers wouldn't feel safe and happy without enough musclehorns milling about outside of viewing range but in smelling range, and haremhorns wouldn't feel happy unless hornmothers felt safe and happy). Hornmothers would still be happiest just doing normal hornmother stuff like snacking, squabbling, and laying happy eggs. Whether it's on a starship or on a planet their life wouldn't change very much -- the haremhorns would make sure they still have comfy nests, tasty food, and stay clean and happy and nap on time.

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