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So, on some days you regard Cupcake-tan as your most precious, treasured child...and on other days you regard her as a curse you can't wait to get rid of. What determines which attitude you take? Is it by your mood at the time? Or when Cupcake comes home with all Ds on her report card?

She's trash... but she's my trash. ;~;
My a cutest... ;~;
Did I mess up the recipe? Did I screw up the batter? Where did I go wrong...? ;~;

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You were so pure in those days, Dan... So happy. What happened, Dan? Where did the time go? Why is it always so fast...?

I'm way happier today than I was 14 years ago. Comics have been very kind to me. =w=
postan my a cutest =3=
You were so pure in those days Dan So happy What happened Dan Where did the time

Hey Dan, I've been curious, do you have any favorite horror films? Not a terribly deep question I realise, but I thought I'd spare you from answering regarding your thoughts on absurdist/existentialist philosophy. -Dr Superb

Hmmm. I like Japanese and Korean horror movies, but I don't think I have a stand out favourite. For western horror... do Eraserhead or Alien count? Jacob's Ladder? Hmm. Probably not.
I like horror games, too, but I just like the standard stuff: Fatal Frame 2, Silent Hill 2, Haunting Ground, etc.
When it comes to books, Lovecraft is still my favourite.
I guess I like a particular setup more than any particular film or game: A moment of weakness thrusts someone into an absurd, incomprehensible, and frightening world. There's no place for humans here and no hope of return. The machine turns on its own and our hero is slowly mashed in the gears, alone, in the dark, forever.
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Which would you prefer: The ability to go back in time exactly thirteen seconds, or the ability to go back in time exactly thirteen years?

13 seconds. I can spam, right?

When's the last time you went trick-or-treating? Do you remember what you dressed up as?

Really can't remember. Maybe a t-shirt ninja?

>insulting based hellsing ultimate // the original anime is shit, literal shit, please consider suicide if you prefer it to the absolute basedness of the ova version do it okay

I've never really seen much of either. I need my vampires to be qts okay. qt zn fuzzy. This is very important.
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