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Hey Dan… I have been wanting to tell you something… I don’t know if you already know this but I might as well remind you that if you share your comics on twitter, and it can be seen there… almost no one will go to your page to see it again just for the details... or even comment on your page…

They will just tweet whatever they would comment instead... also, discus is a good system but… if you need to make an account to comment, that just turn off most of the casuals that just want to leave a quick comment and leave… (I have an account, so I don’t know if that is the case, but still…)
One last thing… if you include a little rant, comment about your work or whatever else you want to say in each strip, that might incentivize people to say something = more comments. Also making them want to go to your page to read whatever you have said instead of just reading it from twitter.
It's no big deal, it's not like there are ads on the page that I need people to load. The website is basically there as an archive. I'm not hung up on comments, either -- usually there's not a lot to say about the strip. Besides, I enjoy twitter. =w=
Thanks for your concern, though -- I appreciate it. =w=

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Dark Souls 3 details were leaked... O_o

Yeah, I saw!
After Dark Souls 2 and BB my hype is under control, but I'm still pretty excited.

It seems that there were more guys from Argentina ... I feel really ashamed... orz. I dunno if I am exaggerating, but... why can't they be more civilized?... Am I the weird one here? ;w;

It's just /a/, business as normal. Don't worry about it. ;w;

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Remember me to never send livestreams to my friends... The ¨Hello from Argentina¨ was mine... (I saw your comments. LOL)... he sent ¨Vamos los pibes¨... I feel so ashamed... orz

That was you, huh? ;w;
Yeah, those "cute ears" / "bride" comments were mine... ;w;

>Montreal >Only English ~ Is such a thing even possible? I mean, even without talking to anybody, you do have to buy groceries and run errands somehow.

I live in the anglo part of town-- I don't have any trouble. =w=

You should read Shirogane no Nina, and Himouto! Umaru-chan... moe overload.

I read Himouto -- it was okay. I got tired of Umaru after a while. Hinamatsuri is my "living with a mysterious girl" manga of choice at the moment.
I'll take a look at Shirogane no Nina. Thanks! =w=

What are your thoughts on the Zweihander?

Very annoying in the hands of a good user, but Crystal Magic Weapon Longsword-chan is my Dark Souls 1 weapon waifu.

Sempai, is there a way to respec? I could cut down on Vitality and Endurance if it meant more attunement slots. Also, why does onion-chan have a bastard sword? Doesn't she know how garbage they are in this game? Also, is the White Dragonbreath spell worth the INT investment?

Nope, no respecs.
Onion-chan has her own sense of style, I guess. Don't question it.
Personally, I don't think it's worth it unless you're a straight up mage, but that's just me. It might be fun just to try it out.

The Captain definitely deserves the second place prize. But don't you want an ambiguous gender qt to choose to be a qt girl, just for you?

I'd rather have squeaky rubber-balloon hugs from a 15 meter tall a cutest. =3=

Dam, we already had a talk about sticking your dick in crazy, it ain't healthy bro. Tsumugi best girl

That's what I'm sayin'
muh moogs a cutest

Not even that other anon, but Izana is clearly best girl. Yuhata is a close second. Mugi is 2tall4Nagate. And fleshy.

Izana is boring friendzone material and Yuhata is even worse. Ranking is:
A cutest and best tier:
Muh Moogs
Almost a best tier:
You tried tier:
Irrelevant tier:
Honoka sisters
Tsundere Space Miku
Everyone else

Maybe then she'd stand a chance against the true best girl.: You mean the best girl who is about to kick the bucket?

Maybe then shed stand a chance against the true best girl You mean the best girl

Hrrm. Maybe I should compile the story and put it online somewhere... ||| I have it. Do you want it?

Yes please!
elbowlick@gmail.com =w=

Hey Dan, do you have the complete quest of starry leedah?

You'll have to dig through the leedah's replies.... I didn't save a copy.
Hrrm. Maybe I should compile the story and put it online somewhere...
Hey Dan do you have the complete quest of starry leedah

Dan, I know this is going to sound like a selfish question, but I would pay money for you to do a tutorial on drawing legs. Why are legs seemingly so much easier to get wrong than arms?

My legs are pretty bad, anon!
But you know what? I'm just grinding today, anyway -- let's do a stream.


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