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Do you think that the herd knows that the cakeist hides a ¨horn¨?

If the cakeist uses the same "bath" as the rest of the herd, I've sure they've seen it all. They probably don't know what it is though. It looks like there might be an egg or two in there trying to get out?

No, Dan. Enna still appears as a stundere loli to me, and Algis appears as a grown yamato nadeshiko / ojou-sama to me...

>Witches appear in a form that palatable to the viewer. >Enna appears like a tsundere loli to me. | ... Dan, sometimes you are too slow.
Th... this is just the way of a greatest cakewitch!
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palatable to the viewer.|| but not so palatable that the captain doesn't wet herself in fear?

Even then, you need composure and mental fortitude. And sometimes a fresh pair of pants.
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I thought the cakeist was a girl? | If I remember right, the cakeist was worried about his royal jewels at some point when it first came to the caves... can't remember why, though. Plus, Leedah classifies everything as a she...so I understand why are you confused. I was too before reading old stuff

I thought the cakeist was a she too, for a while. ;ww;
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Enna appears like a tsundere loli to me.

That's Algis (black eyebrows, loves melons, watches over The City). ;w;
Enna is the grumpy witch (white eyebrows, watches over her mysterious roaming domain). ;ww;
Algis below:
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>psychological makeup for that. | ... for what? Can't it be a pure relationship? Does it always have to be THAT at some point?

>psychological | Sorry, I misread it...
It's okay. Btw, don't put anything in that cloaca, it's not made for that!
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They have the herd. | Why not both?

Himehorns don't have the right kind of psychological makeup for that. They are a herd animal that reproduces parthenogenetically...
Maybe if you dressed up like a cute egg and lost that nohorn smell a haremhorn might cuddle you though. : T
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Is there a male equivalent for your witches?

Witches appear in a form that palatable to the viewer. Enna appears to Vicky as a great elder sister ... she might appear to be something quite different to a himehorn or some other creature.
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they're such decent guys! | If it bothers you that much, stop being a shady guy, Dan. Maybe you can get something of all the things you have lost so far.

I'd have to give up doing comics then. I can't do that.

I thought the cakeist was a girl? Or do the himehorns not know what a male is?

That's the one with that one weird wronghorn, right?
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I would have a pure relationship with a himehorn if it was possible. What do you think of that?

If you could mask your nohorn scent and do something decent for the herd you might be kept as a kind of guest, like the cakeist. Or maybe you can find a defective himehorn outside the caves and take her home? If you did that though she'd get lonely and depressed, though.
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Dan, have I done something to your anons? Why are they shipping me so strongly with your apostle and/or with Leedah?

I make cakes all day long, cook and eat to my hearts content until I have to go get more ingredients, and merely admire the cuteness of my surroundings... ok, and maybe give a few headpats here and there if they are ok with it, but nothing more than that.
One last thing. Leaving the shipping aside... I know you are protective of Cupcake and I have no intentions of doing anything anyways, but... Am I really that bad? It hurts a little bit if you say all that bad stuff about me as if I was the worst thing that could happen to her.
That is all I wanted to say... now I have to go to sleep to work hard on the cakes tomorrow... and maybe make some spicy stuff afterwards. Someone was asking about it, and now I got a craving for some strong spices. Well then, if you need me, you just have to ask for me, jaja. See you around...
This is what I hate about superchads like the cakeist... they're such decent guys! Even giving headpats to the herd...! >: T
Stay away from my a cutest and a best, cakeist! And leave some cakes at the cave entrance! Something with lemon! Reee! >: T

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How do you deal with anger?

The same way you deal with ever other emotion. Recognize it's an automatic mechanical response (a bit like feeling hungry or being in pain because you stubbed your toe) and take appropriate actions given all your other interests and possibilities. Don't make anger something special -- it's not (or at least it doesn't have to be).
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What do you think of african-american people?

I don't. Categorization is a tool for thinking, but actual things are not their descriptions and are not instances of a kind. Ask me what I think in a particular circumstance against a background of specific desires, goals, interests, etc. given a specific linguistic framework for describing all the above, and maybe I can say something. But if I don't have that on hand, what would I even be talking about?

I really liked those pics of cupcake in casual clothes... are there some of Darkcake too?

I have Darkcake in her school uniform but that's about it (I'll have to draw more of her later):

are diaperfurhorns a thing yet?

Himehorns are smooth.
Except for musclehorns -- those can get a little hairy downstairs sometimes but it's a rare and odd mutation.


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