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3/3 I am glad I have @muscle_Horn with me. Who knows what would have happened if she wasn't by my side. Now I just wish she stop borrowing my pick up truck so much.

Musclehorn, remember to fill up the gas! Or at least kill enough turkeys to equal the gas spent...

2/? She roped in my daughters and a couple of horns, @muscle_Horn too to help her. I didn't realize she had such talent for it. Musclehorns rarely if ever sing. Granted there is no way I can send her out on a tour, but she is working on making an album for sale.

You can do it!
I am surprised that a musclehorn can make noises beyond howls and "Ruu"... perhaps this is a nice defect, though.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, You might have noticed that @muscle_Horn has been getting quite a bit of attention lately due to her singing. This is likely due to Cupcake getting the wild idea of making a online video of her singing to her boyfriend. 1/?

Hello, Defectivehorn Apostle!
Indeed musclehorn has become quite popular. But I must say... to hear my a cutest and a best Cakewitch Apostle has become infatuated to that extent is like a dagger of ice in my chest.

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4/4 Cupcake however won't be staying for Thanksgiving, she is been invited by her boyfriend's family over to their place for it. She's kinda of nervous about this to say the least.

This is the most terrifying report yet.
You have chilled my cakewitch soul to its core, Defectivehorn Apostle!!

3/? Well, the fall harvest was quite well this year despite the drought at the end, so I knew the horns had more than enough food to have their own Thanksgiving feast. At least they won't have to worry about inlaws coming in and staying with them for the feast.

Hmm, this may be the first horn and nohorn thanksgiving in history... one for the herd records.

2/? Even after I explained the origins to them, they still had little interest to it. Then I told them about all the food that comes with it. I got their rapped attentions then. I told the Musclehorns to go out into the woods and bring back a good number of wild turkeys.

As expected of horns. I hope the musclehorn doesn't eat the turkeys on the spot haha

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, (well, we have it on the 28th of November) And I am observing how the Horns react to it. So far, they don't at all. Not surprising that they don't have any connection to it at all. 1/?

Hello, defective horn apostle!
I've really let your reports pile up.
I see, horns don't care about that at all, of course. But perhaps they will be interested in the food?

5/5 maybe she too has a hidden power that even she's not aware of. Can himehorns sniff out magical power from someone? perhaps I'll find out soon, but for now, I think she will work with me about the horns.

Thank you for your report, Defectivehorn Apostle!
I will aim to answer one full report each morning while I travel through the witch caves. I should be caught up in a week or so!

4/? A good thing too. Other wise I would have to take measures to force her to keep the quiet about the horns. See seems to be taking everything in in stride. Still, my horns seemed to be oddly attracted to her as well. They couldn't stop sniffing her. Much like how they did with Cupcake back then.

Fascinating. Perhaps that fluffy nohorn has some latent power she is unaware of. Horns are surprisingly sensitive to that sort of thing. Or perhaps their long association with the Southern Witch Apostle and the time they have spent in the witch caves has made them sensitive?
The witch caves are a very strange place, after all. It would be stranget to NOT be changed by that place over time.
You ne careful in the caves as well, Defectivehorn Apostle.

3/? It worked and I made quite a presentation to her and she allowed me inside. Now I was able to discuss with her why she needs to keep the existence of the himehorns a secret to the public over the course of the evening. Thankfully she agreed with me on that.

That gamerhorn seems like the type that will easily go along with someone's plan. In sure she wanted the best for her horns as well.

2/? thankfully she posted a pic of where the horns got into her house. I couldn't fit in it, but my other horns can. So I told them to go into the cave network and get into her house that way. Then while inside get her to the door and open it for me.

Oh I see!
The cave networks are very useful indeed.
Once a sealed door to the witch cave is open, it will require an apostle to seal it again.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I found the lady who has that Gaming Hornmother. I don't think I would have a successful meeting with her If I just knocked on her door. So I thought about it and came up with a plan. 1/?

Hello, Defectivehotn Apostle!
My apologies again for allowing your reports to pile up. Allowing small tasks to pile up until they become a large one is a bad habit of mine. A GREATEST CAKEWITCH likes to take BIG BITES.
I see you met the gaming nohorn! I am surprised to see that you live in the same devastated world as that nohorn. Things must be tough for you and your herd. Then again, perhaps this is why your hers can live in peace...

Is Victoria going to get better? Why was she so damaged? Will she ever return in the vampire bride comics?

I should make it a resolution to just wrap up Bikky's story. It's not too far now.

6/6 Just how did a cave horn get into a hose like hers by herself? Why is she playing video games? She should have no knowledge about them. I need to get over there to cover up this mess from getting

The Southern Witch Apostle's Domain is still wandering... as new sections of the witch caves become exposed to the herds, sometimes this sort of thing happens. The edge of the domain is very strange indeed.
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5/? Those horns she has are cave horns. I guess Algis is keeping her word in not going after my wild herds, but it seems she is taking it out on the cave hers instead. Damn loopholes, but I expected no less out of her. None the less, I still have questions about those horns.

I see! Cave horns! In that case, perhaps another Apostle will come take care of things soon. If you are lucky, perhaps the two of you will cross paths...
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4/? So hopefully the two might bond, or at least placate that hornmother long enough for me to get to her to take her away. I didn't see any musclehorn around so I figure she was a survivor from a recent Templar purges. However from the photos I did notice something about the horns.

I hope she has enough food on hand. Even without musclehorns, two haremhorns with a hungry hornmother could become dangerous... I'm sure a gamer has plenty of snacks on hand though
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3/? I had to dig around on the net for awhile to figure out where that woman and those horns are at. It seems they are in Charleston West Virginia. Not all that far away by driving. I did tell her that the "Oni" is harmless and just needs to be fed and loved.

I see! I'm glad she got your message. But now that I'm tweeting this out, I hope others don't go looking for these horns...
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2/? It seems that A stray hornmother and 2 minders have gotten into a woman's home some how, likely a side branch of the witch caves into her basement, and is playing console game in her home. An odd behavior for a hornmother, much less any type of horn to do.

The witch caves really so seem to lead everywhere! That girl must have been shocked. Horns in your home are no joke. They could eat ALL your snacks... or even wipe your saved games!!
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Defectivehorn Apostle here, I don't know how much longer I can keep the Himehorns from becoming publicly known. I keep a program tuned into all sorts of social media programs to watch for any hints of Horns being spotted, and after a long while I got a ding on my watch list. 1/?

Hello, Defectivehorn Apostle! I am going through your reports now. Thank you as always for keeping an eye on the horns and keeping them out of harm's way.
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5/5 At least now I can confirm that magical girls have a distinctive scent that I can get the horns to track down to find them all. That being said, Marry Christmas Dan. Just take it easy on stuffing you self this year.

Merry Christmas, Defectivehorn Apostle! Merry Chriatmas, my CUTEST AND A BEST! And do your best, strange new girl,!
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4/? So I guess getting Darkcake was your present to me this Christmas then? Cupcake does remember her but I guess they were not that close before. At least my horns seem to accept her as well as they did with Cupcake.

I'm not sure you can really consider that a present..
In any case, I hope she gets along with my cutest and best daughter, Cupcake. Maybe she can make herself useful and clean up after the horns?
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3/? How she was able to find me was that she followed Cupcake on social media, determination and pure luck I guess. I will have my hands full in rehabbing her, she is in really bad shape. At least she was happy to take a shower in ages and get her into some clean cloths.

Is she a stalker? Why would this strange girl be following my A CUTEST AND A BEST? Please keep an eye on this "Darkcake". She might be a con artist or worse.
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2/? She is in a horrible state physical and mentally. She told me that her "Dad" just cut off all money payments to her and now she is homeless. She hasn't be able to take care of her self much and is starving and dehydrated. She must have been living on the streets for awhile too.

That sounds unfortunate. Her dad sounds like a heartless guy. I hope he gets what's coming to him.
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Defectivehorn Apostle here, Mr. Dan Kim. What. Have. You. DONE? Today I found another magical girl on my door step that goes by the name Darkcake. My horns smelled her coming but was confused because they first thought it was Cupcake. 1/?

Dark... who?
The name sounds familiar, but I can't say for sure.
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