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Where do video games come from in this setting? The whole ice world thing suggests that there wouldn't be the infrastructure to support teams of Himehorn slave game developers. Are they generated in witches domains?

They're part of the boon left to the humans. Deep in The City there's a "library" that has all sorts of these things. They make great offerings and tend to get traded around for that reason. After hundreds of generations they've spread pretty much everywhere.

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What role does the Hoff play in this universe? Is he a proud templar? Devilish Vampire? Acclaimed movie and television star from a decade prior?

The Hoff is who the bat secretly thinks about while Bikky fumbles about while trying to please her bride.
She does her best. She tries.
What role does the Hoff play in this universe Is he a proud templar Devilish

Cupcake, Darkcake and Pancake are kidnapped by faceless bald men. Who do you save first? Who do you save second?

I try to warn them -- to save them -- but it's too late. After a few short minutes the air is heavy with the stench of freshly squeezed frosting. Darkcake sucks her fingers clean and sits neatly on a shrivelled pile of bald corpses. Cupcake and Pancake are shaking.
It's alright. It's okay. It's all a bad dream.
Those poor bald men. They didn't have a chance.

Well, now that we've seen YNNA grumbling at Victoria, and we've confirmed that ALGS is in the Land of Bweh, will PNNY and LVIS be making a cameo?

They've departed these lands long ago! If only they were still here... then we wouldn't have to suffer like this... ... ...
Well now that weve seen YNNA grumbling at Victoria and weve confirmed that ALGS

Any advice for figure drawing?

First: Grab Loomis
Start with "Fun With a Pencil" and go wherever you like from there.
Second: Grab the line drawings of some top-tier animators (I use Sushio or You Yoshinari). Try erasing a single line in a drawing. Try changing it. Try adding a line or extending one. Seeing how this changes a picture will give you a sense of how each line matters and improve your sensibilities.
Third: Remember that drawing is a mechanical skill. Even if you have all the right knowledge and make all the right decisions while drawing, you will not get good drawings until you've trained your body. You have to burn in those circuits and that takes time. Have a regular drawing area with a good setup where you can use your fingers, wrist, and arm movements correctly. Make regular practice time. You'll get better in spurts, then plateau, then break through again. Don't despair, this is normal. Be patient. Be persistent. Keep pushing at that boulder.
Fourth: Don't be afraid to start your project NOW. If you wait to get "good enough" you'll never start because you'll never think you're good enough, trust me. Also, the only way to get better is to do your project. Your current project is your training ground for your next project. There is only today, never tomorrow -- Start it now. NOW.
Fifth: It's a long road and no one really sees the end of it, so remember your enjoy the journey. Savour the little victories and have fun on the way.
Good luck!

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cont'd from last ask: The leader of the humans in ship, known as the Captain, also wears a scarf suspiciously similar to Victoria's scarf? The same scarf which has healing(?) properties?

I love you.

WAIT A SEC. The Great Witch Algis of the Templars, who defends humans, is the same one in that dimension travelling ship full of humans? The ship that resembles the Ark, containing the last remnants of humanity from T42R? And the Algis faction has been active in Bwehland for 400 years? icwatudidthar

You are my #1 favourite reader and make the comics worth doing. Please become my bride.


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