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>he doesn't realize that the R&D department is literally the reason that casual DRM-laden trash of the Ubisoft sort exists

>mfw I've become one with the darkness and its slick tendrils bore their way into the core of my being flooding every pore, filling every surface with the most pure and undying of all possible evils
he doesnt realize that the RD department is literally the reason that casual
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>R&D | How much progress have you made on perfecting the 60 dollar release with microtransactions and day one patched-in DLC integration (so those sheeple can't complain about it being 'on-disc', you know), so that people don't complain, and instead welcome the 'extra' content?

That shipped ages ago, anon!

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I'M STUCK AT WORK/I'M FRIED/I'M BREAKING UP INSIDE actually this song doesn't need too much modification to work for that anon's situation.


And yet everything coming out of Ubisoft is casual trash with no challenge whatsoever; bundled in DRM and full of paid DLC. Hold on to your soul, you might lose it.

Just the cost of having a massive organization that has to appeal to the mainstream to stay alive...
... Kukuku~ but I lucked out! I'm in a R&D section so I don't have to worry about that stuff (for now...)
Anyway, I lived through the birth of freemium and F2P, anon. That ship sailed long ago.
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>Ubisoft employees having tastes in vidya. Is that some kind of Cheshire cat shenanigans Dan?

You'd be surprised!
Some folks are straight up weeb gamers like me, others are board gamers who got sucked into vidya games by accident, while others are challenge gamers (SL1 Dark Souls runners who play Ys, like one of the gameplay programmers I work with -- a fellow neckbeard who wore a Fakku Hen-Tie shirt to work) while others barely play games at all (2D artist who only plays scrabble on her phone).
All sorts around here!

>tfw Tuesday release date and I have no free time until the weekend. STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE WORK WEEK/LOOKING INTO THE ABYSS...

I expect half the studio to call in seek that week...

Have you ever tried getting (or had) your art displayed in some sort of museum-like setting? It probably wouldn't work since your serious art tends to be very multi-page, but it might be interesting.

At the reception for the International Manga Award I was told that there's a copy of NNN in a little glass case somewhere in Japan (can't remember where). It's a nice thought.
Besides that, nope! Maybe I should make a series of frosted butts or something. If Murakami can do it, why can't I?
Anyway. Here's a pic from the reception! Probably the last I'll manage unless Witches really turns out.
Have you ever tried getting or had your art displayed in some sort of museumlike

Have you preordered Metal Gear Loli V: The Phantom Imouto yet?

Sure did! Getting same day delivery so I can come home after work and find it waiting in my apartment. =3=

“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself” ― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

I'm stiiillll
in a dreeeeam
Snake eaaateerrrrr

Dan! My girlfriend called me her cupcake! How should I feel about this also yuri love is pure right? ;w;

U shud feel liek a caek on a cutest ok jus assept it =3= muu

Sempai, help! I think I'm turning into a horrible bully, like you and Decu-sempai! I want to get off this ride, where's the exit, and can I give a cute girl directions to the burn ward on the way off because I thought that was brilliant- OH GOD MAKE IT STOP

Embrace the bully inside you!!
Sempai help I think Im turning into a horrible bully like you and Decusempai I

I know this may be kinda weird but... Is it just me or do the girls in Kantai Collection look kinda... Attractive?

2D > 3D
Always and forever, anon.

I think it's pretty simple. They like what I like, and they have what I like. Might as well ask why straight women like gay dudes.

But why should we have such categories to begin with and why that range of behaviours rather than some other range?
Well, you (probably?) can't account for every individual's behaviour, but it's probably(?) a question accessible to sociobiologists when it comes to putting together a story about the range of behaviours over a population. Just the same way you might try to put together a story about why any colonies behave the way they do instead of some other way...
well, allergy medicine really kicking in now.

Why women like homos?

Interesting article from a few years ago:
Also, just going off the cuff here again, but ever notice how fujos love (need?) the uke/seme thing? They seem to need and get off on high status and low status, domination and submission. The seem to love the office/seat/rank rather than the inhabitant of that office/seat/rank. The cheerleader dates the captainship, not the particular captain... well, with some variation, of course.
Meanwhile, if you look at male-oriented gay porn, it's quite different (again, with some variation). Check out Gengoroh Tagame. TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) did a whole thing on his stuff.
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Hey Dan, what do you think of the current quest so far?

I'm enjoying it! Especially now that things are picking up.
Looking forward to egg collection and teacher trouble. =w=

Can you tell me about the most satisfying burger you've ever had?

Sure thing:
- Medium rare patty with salt and pepper and a perfect crust
- Nice buttered/toasted egg bun
- fried mushroom
- caramelized onion
- lettuce, tomato, yellow mustard, ketchup, Frank's hot sauce, mayo, slice of melted Quebec cheese


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