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Have you made a full-body pic of the Himehorn anatomy yet? I can't seem to find one.

Nope. Maybe I'll add one to the templar handbook.

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Apparently liking DFC makes you a lolicon? Are the oppai lovers/wearers feeling threatened to stoop to such slander?

M-must be
Apparently liking DFC makes you a lolicon Are the oppai loverswearers feeling

Always bittersweet, huh Dan? Can't just be railing your snowhorn waifu and busting nuts on her himecut.

You can't rail a snowhorn! You'll shred her cloaca, break her eggs and kill her!

What would you do if I told you that Cupcake starred in some AVs, or well, CVs I suppose. I have a few takes right here...

What would you do if I told you that Cupcake starred in some AVs or well CVs I

> Snowhorn ~Love Story~ ||| I died... that pic killed me... an Eroge/VN would be an excellent addition to your works... don't you think?

Folks reading this:
Snowhorn VN:
You play nohorn husbando and enjoy bittersweet days travelling with your snowhorn waifu...
Would you play it?


I'm sorry, my a cutest!! I... I'm buy you a cake! Ten cakes! Papa loves you...!!

Would you sell out if some company asked to make an h-anime based on your characters?

Snowhorn ~Love Story~
Would you sell out if some company asked to make an hanime based on your

What do you think is the cutest of your creations so far and why?

It might actually be Snowhorn.
So cute ... but she has a herd-shaped hole in her heart. She's overflowing with love to give, too. ;~;

Do you have a good sense of humor?

Depends who you ask!
And you're asking me. I'll say "yes", because it's what I want to hear. I'm a crowd pleaser.

Manlet master race here let us five foot somethings unite! The world is ours! Our power is that of the swarm! Over run our enimies. They're to big to move fast enough to get away!

No! Their long legs make them even faster!
Let's hide under a small rock. We'll be safe there and bide our time. Maybe a meteor will strike the earth and we'll have our day.

> Tsukihime ||| Your life could use some FATE... also, great taste, much approve. I can recommend you some if you want.

No time, don't bother!

Do you like visual novels?

Sure, though I'm not an avid reader of 'em. I read Narcissu, Saya no Uta, Tsukihime, Umineko 1-4 (stopped halfway though ep 5), Kanon, Planetarian, Yume Miru Kusuri, Kana: Imouto, a bunch of other H VNs, a few hours of Utawarerumono,... but I'm not up to date on the latest stuff.

What was the most awkward moment in your life so far?

It started 31 years ago and it hasn't stopped yet.


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