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I'm just watching Madoka Magica and realized I had almost the same wish-making idea a few years before. Should I get hype and try to pull something nice? Or is it a fairly common thought?

Do something nice!
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What would you do if you found a JAV about Cupcake? After all there are tons of JAVs of Sakura already.

I would be very sad. All I want is my a cutest and a best to grow up into a wholesome, happy cake. Why did she have to go down that path?
And those video are just an impersonator, my super a cutest told me all about it. I believe in my super a cutest 100%.

My difficulty with drawing is that it's so abstract: there's no XP bar like in my video games, theres no anatomy stat I can visibly observe, there's no set progression check marks like "now that you've completed this, you can try digital"... Do you have any advice for an autist like me?

Drawing is perfect for autists. Nearly every element of drawing can be broken down into measurable elements of draftsmanship. The remainder (stuff like composition, mood, etc.) could be called "artistry", and that just comes with time (if at all).
My advice: just follow the instructions in the Loomis books I linked, exactly as described. Practice every day, and decide what, precisely, you want to practice. What individual problem are you trying to solve during /this/ practice session? Eventually you will be able to perform measurable tests to where you're at -- What's the longest, smoothest gradient you can create? How many closely-packed parallel lines you can draw within a fixed square area? How far does your freehand 3D cube drawing deviate from a 100% correct 3D cube in perspective? Can you rotate a group of two cubes in perspective while maintaining their relative positions to each other? How accurately?
You can also test your artistry in a way, too -- just compose a drawing and /finish/ it. Bring it to a state of completion and evaluate it exactly the way you'd evaluate a stranger's drawing. Building the ability to evaluate is a vital skill for climbing the overall skill ladder (otherwise how do you know what you're doing right/wrong and where to focus your efforts)?
Welp. Hope that helps, anon. READ YOUR LOOMIS. Cakeluck!

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Dan! What do you use to draw? As in, programs and equipment in general. Any advice for a new drawfag? Like, completely new drawfag, who loves doodling crap and wants to suck and git gud.

Here you go, anon!
And I use a wacom cintiq companion 1 -- but don't go in for something expensive like that. Start with a pencil and paper and nothing else. I'm being dead serious here: start with that and stick with it for a while or you'll have a hard time developing the right hand eye coordination. You need to develop the right wrist and arm movements and feel the freedom of turning the page around and feel the immediacy having direct contact with the drawing surface. When you feel sorts comfortable, get yourself a cheap wacom bamboo or wacom intuous.
Cakeluck, anon!
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OK then, the future line up for Himehorn quests wil be: 1- The Idolhornm@ster 2- Super Smallhorn Sentai! Hen~shin! 3- Dark Fantasy: Horns & Cakes Chronicles (?) 4- ?????... ...well, at least inside my head (?) We will see what the future holds :v

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;w; That could go on for years!
And I need to hurry up and get more Himehorn's Daily Life done... all these diligent quest updates and I'm still having trouble...
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Hey Dan, I made a joke about the smallbandanahorns being super sentai when no one is watching, and now I can't stop thinking about it. The mere idea makes me smile like an idiot... The spiritual successor of Saint Blossom Starry Leader: Super Smallhorn Sentai! Hen~shin! Coming Soon to Theaters (?)

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That would be amazing! Ha ha ha =w=


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