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All these vampires
No socks or PJs
No vidya
What kind of world is this?
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dude the hellsing ova dub is legit, dat scottish anderson

Eh. I always want the original vision of the work, if possible.

When you dream is it mostly in 1st person or 3rd person perspective? Do you get clear and complete visuals or is it only major details?

HurricaneHarvey’s Profile PhotoHurricaneHarvey
Generally I only have vivid dreams when I'm sick. Normally I'm not in the dream. The dreams are usually very detailed and visual, but it's hard to say how much of that is just spontaneously imagined while I'm trying to remember the dream (probably almost all of it).

What is your favorite type of flower?

There's an enormous patch of crocuses(?) at my parents' house. I've always liked 'em. Little purple guys that come up to your ankle.

Have you drawn Ebola-Chan yet? If not, will you?

Too busy with comics! Maybe if she comes up in a waifu thread later.

How do you order your milk tea?

I don't really go for milk tea. I'll have Earl Grey or green tea - the kind with the toasted popped rice.

Ebola-chan is currently trending on Twitter! Would Ebola-chan and Cupcake-tan be friends?

Only until Cupcake started puking and explosively shitting rainbows. Then they would be BEST friends. Best friends forever... ... ...

What's your favorite holiday?

Presents, fires and marshmallows, tinsel, watching happy couples around town, carols, fruit cake, cake logs, Christmas cakes, discount Christmas cakes, gingerbread, ginger cake...
Hallowe'en is a close second.
Cosplay and candy!

Hello, I saw your thread on /v/. I have to ask you: was that odd HS girl your gf? Did you ever have a gf? Are you even a virgin? Pls respond, it's of the utmost importance.

Don't worry, anon. I will share my infinite magical powers with you. Kneel, and accept this transfer of mana. <3 <3 <3

I had fun trying to find all the different things on the 10th anniversary pic, although I was slightly disappointed when I couldn't find a Sakurafish or a Lelouch slowpoke on it.

I'll remember that for the 20th anniversary pic. =w=

How do I git gud? I draw everyday, keep watching videos and reading books but everything I do look like shit. Ain't got no money for art classes.

It takes time.
There are simply no shortcuts to this because it's a physical issue. Remember: learning a physical activity is LITERALLY REWIRING YOUR BRAIN AND MOTOR CONTROL SYSTEM. You gotta burn that shit in. Consider: even if you know every bit of piano theory and all the right hand techniques, can you just sit down and play Scarlatti? No. You gotta practice until all the techniques become as automatic as your balance and foot placement when walking.
So continue reading and practising. Break things down, practice rotating objects, shading, etc. Take the completed drawings of experts and draw over them, erase lines to see why THAT line was there, add a new line and see why it does/doesn't work, draw a skeleton inside an expert's drawing, and COMPLETE ACTUAL PROJECTS. That last one is really important -- it'll give you experiences to build on, things to feel proud about, and milestones by which to track your true progress. It will also remove the fear of not being 'good enough' to start something new.
Hang in there, anon. We're all gonna make it.
For inspiration, take a look at my shitty drawings from 1999-2003 or so:

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Ever thought about getting huge?

Elliot_page’s Profile PhotoElliot Page
While I was working there was this guy around my height (very short) who was absolutely stacked. It looked absurd. Super cool guy, though.
I should focus on shedding fat, not building muscle at this point. Though I could stand a bit of both.


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