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...but Dan, the cakeist looks like a good person, maybe it will help you fix cupcake's problematic behaviour for once and for all... actually, I think that it would be the best for the cakeist to stay away, for it's own good, but if it's their own decision, we have to accept it.

I agree. The cakeist is alright. But I don't think anyone can fix cupcake... she's not broken, just a cutest (and a best).
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I'm going to be a biggest and a meanest witchcurse on a happy herd... | ... but what if its too late already?! She will stop you saying that she loves the cakeist, and it will be all like a low budget soap opera.

Cupcake will only love the cake and the cakeist's money (if he has any).
Poor cakeist... he'll only get cucked by a caek.
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Leedah ships Cupcake and the Cakeist... that ship is a battle cruiser at this point for me.

If my apostle comes back from the caves all frosted I'm going to be a biggest and a meanest witchcurse on a happy herd...
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GIVE ME DEATH | There are worse things than death, Dan... we will ruin all your vidya! and you will see them fall into pieces with your own eyes, front seat! Now, get away of the lewds if you know what is good for the vidya!

All the more reason to make my own games, I guess... ;_;

But Dan, the JAPANESE version Star Ocean 5 is being censored to avoid western scrutiny! No knowledge of moonrunes will save us now! Are video games really over now?

These things come and go... our time will come again. Vidya survived 90s moral panics about sex and violence and satanism... we'll survive this, too.

What's your favourite hyperdimension CPU in Normal/HDD/Next form? I'd say Neptune/Blanc/Noire personally.

Normal: Nepgear for bullying, Nepnep for a cutest and funnest.
HDD: P... Plutia.
Next: I haven't played VII yet. ;__;
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Star Ocean 5 got censored. Isn't there any developer with integrity left that won't change the original vision of a game just to appeal to those who wouldn't buy said game in the first place? Is PlatinumGames all we can confide in? Have you ever played a Star Ocean game?

I played Star Ocean 2 back in the day. What a great game -- exploiting the cooking was especially fun.
Anyway, we can always learn moon and import. Sad times, though.
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Hey, Dan. How many nepnep games have you tried?

I have rebirth 1,2,3, U, Hyperdevotion Noire, and PP on my Vita. I've finished 3 and Nepnep's route on PP. I'm currently playing 1 and U and Noire. I've also ordered VII.
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>Friends and gf are overrated. It's what you get from them that does the trick, and you get it already from your dreams. You ain't missing on much Dan, I fell for that trap and lost a shitton of time. >I have no concept of friendship and will pollute Sempai's mind anyways | GRRRRRRRRR

what about the gf part though
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