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Dan, y u no draw more Tomoyo rape comics?!

Himehorn bullying and egg-smashing is my fetish now!

Should I learn Japanese or just rely on subs?

I just rely on subs... but learning a new language can be a very rewarding experience. If you have the time and inclination, go for it, anon!

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I thought you were a false vidya prophet, but now I realize you're entirely correct. Even NIS is going to go mobile. http://toucharcade.com/2015/05/18/in-the-face-of-falling-profits-disgaea-developer-nis-will-start-developing-mobile-games/. Is this the end? Is all hope lost?

It's over, anon! The mobile era is here to stay and it will eat everything else alive. Soon the game industry will look just like the music and movie industry: a few super-massive studios that pump out bland but shiny $200 million dollar products aimed at entry-level consumers and a hollow middle. We "traditional gamers" will be left with a highly fractured indie community and everything that comes along with that: plenty of niches for everyone and the occasional breakout hit that goes mainstream, but we'll also start attracting more artsy-fartsy folks, narcissistic personalities, folks who want to start various kinds of art movements, cliques, campaigns, and so on. We'll always have a place -- sort of like how the opera still hangs around now and you can still find talented people making interesting works of contemporary classical music and art-literature ... but our day in the sun is over.

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Dan do you own figurines or dolls?

I have a few stuffed animals and small figurines I've received as gifts, some small disgaea figurines., and now I have a cutest and bweh. =w=
Dan do you own figurines or dolls
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= , = Well, It won't be the best ending, or at least it wasn't the best final fight I would have liked, but I will try to deliver the best I can... just a few more and we are done. = v = I hope both of you enjoy it.

Thanks for running this! I really enjoyed it. =w=
Well It wont be the best ending or at least it wasnt the best final fight I
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¨and so I think about everything.¨ ... and there it goes the ¨Best¨ ending... right through the window... orz

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I wonder if I am doing this right... = v = ¨ so much to say, so little space ... it gets very anticlimactic in contrast with the other entries... or so I think... what do you think?

I'm enjoying it a lot =w=
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You forgot: Negative side of living in Canada: Loli is outlawed. Fuck that.

Oh yeah -- be careful, anon! Burn your stash before your crash in Canukistan.

You're doing the world tour even though you didn't meet that stretch goal?

It's close enough. ;w;

Is Canada a good country to run away to? I fear for the future of my country and my friend discouraged me from Norway.

It's not bad!
Pretty open/liberal/multicultural but with broad shared values, multiple stable political parties, and two official languages. The sort of country that "doesn't wok in theory but works in practice". Generally pretty progressive, but not insane like Sweden (well, not yet, anyway). No serious border threats thanks to our neighbour down south, decent public healthcare, semi-decent public transportation in the biggest cities, and the recession wasn't as bad as it could have been.
Also geologically stable with fairly decent weather most of the year (well, depending on where you live, of course- it's a big country)... but be prepared for Canadian winters. In many areas you'll get slush (like someone poured a giant dirt slurpee all over the roads), ice storms, blizzards.
Downsides: some corruption, mob issues, and city politics can be embarrassing. Brain drain is an issue (talented folks heading to the USA to seek their fortune). Internet tends to be meh and expensive (I get 50Mbps for about $70/month).
Score: our home and native land/10 it's okay

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Dan... What would you do if you didn't have any talents, or the ones you do have, are not profitable at all?

Let's say you're average or below average at everything. There's still nothing that prevents you from a) doing your best for the good of yourself and the tribe b) becoming your own master and taking responsibility for your own life. What more can you ask of yourself or others?
You can always wish to do more, do better, and bring more profit to yourself and others... but a great part of what makes any of that possible is up to chance and circumstance. You can only be responsible for what you can control.
So I'd do much the same as I'm doing now: consider what's possible given my capabilities and the state of the world, see where that lines up with my passions and true desires, and follow that path to the end. I'd probably still draw, but spend less time on trying to improve drawing quality if I hit a true brick wall. I'd spend more time just putting my ideas on the page. I'd also allocate more time to friends and family and community services. I'd read/watch more and produce less. I might also entertain the idea of going back to work for a company. If I had money on hand, I'd contribute to the arts and sciences, too. That's helping the tribe as well. That'd be a good life too, I think.

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I've got upcoming surgery Dan. If that doesn't change my life for the better i am going to drain the lifeblood from myself. I can't take being the fool, the laughing-stock any more. I want things to be better, I want life to be good.

;~~; W-what?
This is some r9k level shit, anon.
Focus on yourself and build yourself up, man. Build your skills, knowledge, and ambitions. Once you get to the point where you can create value for other people, you'll gain status and folks will welcome you. Remember that we're just animals, anon. We're still operating with small-tribe brains. The tribe member that brings good to the tribe is valued. So co-operate, protect, provide, learn, mentor, etc. and enable others to improve themselves (and so the tribe). This is rewarded with material goods, status, opportunities, power, relationships, reproduction, honour, etc. But most of all, you will be happy with your life because it will be meaningful, productive, good, and of your own making. In short, the path to happiness starts with turning from concerns about yourself to concerns about the tribe and the outside world.
You know, I read a book way back that really gave me a good kick in the pants and set me straight on this point. This it is:
It's by Bertrand Russell.
If you haven't already read it, please, please read it, anon. It's pretty short and straight-to-the-point in plain language. It and may save you a lifetime of misery and wandering in the dark. It did me a world of good. I hope it does the same for you.

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What hobby do you wish you could pick up?

Music composition. Then I'd be able to do art, music, and program! I'd have everything I need!
... well, honestly, when it comes to music I'd really rather just rely on other people. I have no sense for music and sound design.

The vacuum of the world is closing in around me. How do you cope with the solitude? I'm not sure if i can take it much longer ;w;

Personally, I'm just a hermit by nature, so it doesn't bother me. I've never really kept close friends and I've never been particularly close with my family. I also have a vivid internal world and a hobby/passion that keeps me alone anyway...
What're you looking for, anon? Friends? A gf/bf? Pet? Family? What's your day like? If there room to go out and find things things? If so, you should treat it like a project -- a mission. Understand the situation, find what's possible and not, set the goals and milestones, and then plan the steps to achieve each milestone, then work at it every day, step by step... ;w;
Anyway, tell me more, anon. ;w;

Senpai, why is computer science so hard? How do I code betterer?

Talk to your TAs and professors, anon, and follow their advice. Ask them exactly what you asked me. As a general principle though, seek to understand what you're doing. Ask why it works and why you did each step as you did. Try to avoid falling to the cargo cult trap (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult_programming ) and really dig down and see what you're doing. Don't just try to finish assignments, try to understand what's really going on.
I know that's super vague and unhelpful... so please, talk to your TAs and professors.

=w= now then... I can keep going for ¨another season¨ or end it in a few entries. What do you think?

Let's have a big finale! And maybe a brand new story in the future? =w=


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