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Dan, You can't feed Perrine to smallhorns. Perrine is the cake that Kharn's pastry bag is emptied out on, and no one wants Kharn wiping out and/or frosting the herd in revenge.

Isn't she just a big musclehorn?
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Are you asking for himehorn cloaca again, anonhorn? | Not really, I just want an accurate representation of their full anatomy.

Hmm, I think that'd be a great extra for the himehorn or vampire bride book/reader's guide.
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Since when do you care for the people you bully? You should be drinking their tears, not consoling them.

I need them to stick around so I can keep collecting their tears.
Liked by: Evil Steve Nubum

did you bully Esper so hard she can't write? She called her thread after two hours

R... really? I didn't mean to bully that hard. Espernyan should continue to write and write a lot.
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I know what I am going to ask you to draw in the stream... something you said you would do, but never did... can you guess what is it?

>sometime I said I would do and didn't do
That could be anything, anon.
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If you did commissions would there be anything you refused to draw?

Hmm, I don't do lewd commissions.
I keep those drawings for myself!!
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