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I had a dog/friend which died this week... It was a 16 years old partnership that sudenly ended. Im still sad about it. Losing a friend is a feeling that I can't get used to. If you ever consider having one, take good care of it, dont lose interest about it, else it will die in your hands #likeannis

Sorry to hear about your dog. : <
I helped bury the family dog last year at my parent's house -- she was a 14 year old black lab collie cross. A real country dog.
Sigh. Why they gotta die, man?

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What's your favorite board game and could you beat your own characters at it?

maullarmaullar’s Profile PhotoTwitter NEET Symphony
I really like Abalone.
Vicky is terrible at that kind of game, so I could probably take her. Vampires and witches, not so much.
Cupcake would think the game is stupid and boring and demand real abalone but yuck what is this white squioshy thing on a smell ew gross

Not a question, but I just wanted to say that new pages of Vampire Bride are basically the only thing I look forward to every day. Keep doing what you're doing man!

Thanks, man! I will!
I hope you're having some fun vidyas and delicious cake on the side, though. =w=

Best anime this season?

Not watching anything except Pretty Cure at the moment. Too busy drawing comics! Open to suggestions if there's anything you're really enjoying right now, though.

I... I'm not quite sure I understand exactly what just happened in Vampire Waifu. Did that one girl get killed?

Let’s say ‘maybe’. Things will get clearer as we go on...

What's your favorite console/handheld?

I have so many good memories about my Sega Genesis.
Ecco The Dolphin: Tides of Time, Jungle Strike, Sonic 2, co-op Golden Axe... great times.
These days I'm a true idort and enjoy my PC, DS and 3DS, Vita, and PS3. I can't pick one, I'm in it for the games and I'll go wherever they are.
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If you could appear as a guest star in any TV show, which one would it be and what would your character do?

Pretty Cure! My uncontrollable love of cartoon butts would attract terribads.

When she gets lewd, Vicky fondles her waifu's bwehsts.

I bweht she rubs her face in them. She doesn't get a lot of feeling from that metal hand.

Dan how do I stop being so unintentionally thoughtless it's causing hurt to people I like

Why are you asking me? I honestly don't give a crap about anyone - I have an interest in what other people think and believe, but if they're hit by a truck I won't blink twice. Asking the wrong guy. Ask your parents or a priest or something.

So pretty bad then. Okay, I think I'm just going to stop reading and pretend it ended with drunken shenanigans.

Wait! You'll miss the best part! ... :
So pretty bad then Okay I think Im just going to stop reading and pretend it
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While on the topic of convincing people not to make bad life decisions, is there a reason I shouldn't quit my job and go back to my relaxing and non anxiety ridden life of being a NEET with no friends?

Sounds like you hate work. Find out what you really want to do and do that instead! If you're prepared to be a NEET, the world is your oyster - you're not bound to anything or anyone: you can do anything you want. Life can be amazing if you want it to be.

Dan, convince me not to die in the next few days...

I'm going to draw your requests on the weekend. Gimme your username you dorkus.

Do gambling vampires make too many bwehts? Do they ever end up in bwehbt?

You gotta know when the hold em
Know when to fold em
Know when to plap away
Know when to pun
You never brush your waifus
while you're sittin' at the table
they'll be time enough for brushing
when the bweh bweh bweh
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Is knowing how to use Adobe Illustrator an essential skill to have in your field of work or is competency with Photoshop enough?

Well, I have no idea how to use illustrator, so take that as you will! Ha!

Mangaka Quest?

You are Amanna - Templar of The North, Hunter First Class
Sniper, swordsman, with arms like coiled steel and a face to match. Two winters ago you downed the first True Vampire and in 20 years put out its eyes with your bare hands. The captainship belong to her, once. Now it's yours.
Or will be. For 400 generations The North House has been the home, fortress, and sanctuary to humanity and there, from her living throne, the white witch Algis protects us. Saint, prophet and living goddess, she is ultimate authority within the Templar Guadianship which you serve. At last, after many trials and seemingly endless amounts of sacrifices, purity tests, and paperwork you have granted a personal audience. Many who have served beside you would give their lives to be in her presence but for a moment. And you are kneeling before her now. Naked.
You need only her word.
[cute picture of cute white-haired girl. Her hair flows impossibly over her entire throne. It's really long. Modified himecut with little bells on the side. ]
- Mmmughhgh! Okay... wait... WAIT! I almost got it. NO! Okay, wait. Just a sec. Ok. Okay... okay. HN! I need to beat this before I can save. ... ... uh... hm... ... GHH!!
It's been like this for the last hour. You can tell the next hour is going to be worse. Can that noisy brick in her lap be that important? You try to peek from your position behind the sacred barrier but the moment your forehead leaves the floor you are stared down instantly by the dozens of primly dressed and heavily armed personal guards kneeling around you. You can feel beads of sweat forming on your back. Yep. Feeling the burn now, for sure. Are you really going to receive the captainship like this?
- GHH! NO! No, okay... I.. I have to do this part over. Just wait. Just wait a teensy bit! Okay?!
The witch hunches over and attacks the brick again with renewed spirit. A cheap, plastic clacking fills the hall.
A witch lives forever, right? Time is not on your side.
You have to say something.
[] Cough
[] Be direct
[] Try to get help from the guards

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Why don't you like quests with Dice Mechanics?

Just not what I'm looking for -- I want outcomes to be determined by 'story logic' instead of dice rolls. Also, for the purpose of drawing for threads, I find it hard to get inspired by dice roll writeups. Also, the dice games I've seen on /tg/ tend to get rather thin on flavour text and put more emphasis on the game part and move at a fairly brisk pace in terms of both posting speed and plot advancement -- totally fine for players, but as someone whose enjoyment comes from drawing for the thread I find 'em really hard to enjoy. I just can't bounce a drawing off that kind of thin sauce.
I tried reading at least 2 threads of every quest that was recommended to me. In the end, I just decided to take a break from quests. I'll probably get back into MGNQ in a couple months - it's really the only quest on /tg/ that has the flavour density, robust posts, slow pacing, and character designs necessary for an enjoyable thread drawing experience (for me, anyway).

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