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Which of your works take place in the same universe? What kind of timeframe are they separated be?

The Cupcake and Vampire Bride comics are kinda-sorta in the same universe. Cupcake exists as a popular work of fiction in the VB world.
The captain and witch (Algis) comic takes place many hundreds of generations before the events of Vampire Bride.
Puella Pantsuit is has some overlap with that highschool magical girl / pimp gwupo comic.

How do himehorn eggs get fertilized if they don't make sex? Are all of them just clones of each other?

Hornmothers just plop down already fertilized eggs. A hornmother's musclehorns all seem to be pretty much the same, haremhorns have a little bit of variation (mostly small variations in height and milk potential). Hornmothers have the most genetic variation (some have difficult hair, different looking horns, different personalities, etc.) . Unfortunately, hornmothers also tend to have the most defects (bad teeth, blind, albino, weakness, or more horrific problems.. these are all abandoned on the surface, of course).
The haremhorns' careful selection of which hornmothers (and all smallhorns generally) live and die keep the herd healthy in the long run.

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Favourite dip?

Onion dip for potato chips (I like Miss Vicky's Original) and spicy mayo for most side dishes (fries, onion rings, etc.)

Are Himehorns quick to detect lewdness, like elves?

They don't really understand it! Himehorns are happy just laying their eggs, taking naps, eating... Why are nohorns so disgusting?

Are there any tsundere magical girls in the cupcake universe? What's her name? Can I see her feet please?

The mysterious new hire in Puella Pantsuit is pretty tsundere. As expected on a DFC twintail fallen magical girl...
Are there any tsundere magical girls in the cupcake universe Whats her name Can

Dan, this is your family. We're worried about you and your cake addiction. We want you to come back to us and leave this frosting madness behind. We think you should go to savory-hab.

Dan this is your family Were worried about you and your cake addiction We want
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Will a sad, autistic, excommunicated Templar-chan narrate the himehorn section of the Vampire Bride companion book?

Most of it will be written with one foot outside the universe, like a reader's guide. Some parts will be strictly in universe though (mostly himehorn 4komas about a visit from a witch-apostle).

I should've known you'd be into "let's all bully chuunis". Glad to see that you like a cutest eyebrow keion, though. Any animu studios you like a ton, whether for show content or stuff like art/animation direction?

I like Trigger and 90s Gainax.
Ah, and I like Shaft for their slideshows and Madoka.

While looking through old Tomoyo42 comics looking for something I came across this: http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?&series=t42r&page=28&lang= And since Valentines day just passed it seems appropriate to ask: Who's Steph? Were you into 3DPD?

Guh... embarrassing! But that's why I keep it up there -- so people can see the embarrassing bits, too.
Steph is a girl I knew in highschool. We spent some time together, never really worked out. She was nice looking 3DPD with big chest. I was trying to break my 2D addiction at the time. It never really worked...
Anyway, she thought the comic was very sweet. True story: when I went to pick her up on a date she answered the door in nothing but a towel, made a "come here" motion with her finger, and then showed me her.... pet chameleon. He crawled all over my arm. Weird girl, but that's what I like. Last I heard she was posing on some suicide girl website, but that was about a decade ago.

The original Hornmother Lee-dah had a truly elegant asymetric himecut. How much variation is allowed? Is it frowned upon, or seen as eccentric?

The hornmothers don't dress or style themselves -- their look is generally a consequence of the love they've fostered in their haremhorns. The fancier they are, the more their haremhorns are trying to spoil them...
The previous leader haremhorn's definitely went overboard, but they were probably trying to spoil her and relieve the stress the leader took from being bullied over and over again (missing leg, missing arm... a favoured method of humiliation among the nohorns...,)

Does Snowhorn actually love her nohorn husbando? Somehow I was under the impression that a himehorn would never like nohorns.

Himehorns don't feel love like we do -- their kind don't form pair bonds, so they have a very different internal world. Instead, she has some complicated himehorn feelings for her nohorn husbando... something like the safety of the herd and some egg-adoration feelings... ... but there's always this lingering loneliness in her heart that he'll never be able to fill.

..Senpai! I'd..I'd like Bicky to my waifu one day!

She's already taken, anon. You wouldn't NTR a bat, w-would you...? ;w;
Senpai IdId like Bicky to my waifu one day

Do you wish people would ask questions about characters over than the himehorns, like why is Bicky so adorable :x:

It's okay, we're in himehorn town right now. Once we get to the human city there will be more question about Bikky and company. Besides, if people ask too much about Bikky I have to say "spoilers" and "just wait", and that's no fun. ;w;
Also she's a cute because she's a beat up, caved-in barnyard puppydog. ;w;

I went to bed laughing about that little smallhorn's provocative proclamations and a mental image of her having crawled up on a hornmother's head yelling "Imma DaLeedahh!" Then saw your splash image today of exactly that and laughed so loud I think I gave the neighbors a heart attack. Awesome work

Glad you liked it, anon! =w=

Do himehorns speak English or are you translating for the reader's benefit?

They have their own language, but they can also speak to the nohorns. Some of the hornmothers have been taught to speak and read other languages by visiting witch-apostles. They're pretty good at this sort of thing, surprisingly.

Hey I just wanted to ask why you do art? Do you just enjoy knowing other people enjoy your works? Or did you just wake up one morning with a mental itch that never stopped? I've felt passion for my works but I don't think ever to the extent I've seen from you. Which makes me curious.

There's probably some kind of biological quirk at work -- I tend to binge, obsess, get addicted, etc. I also greatly prefer "things" over "people" and am extremely introverted (I've lived alone for 6 years, keep no close friends and am not very close to my family -- I see my parents maybe once a year). I also have very narrow tastes when it comes to experiences I want to have.
Basically, this means that I have a very intense hunger for a narrow range of goods. Mostly, I'm starved for what I want.
I'm like a guy who craves pickle and peanut butter sandwiches so badly that everything else tastes like ash. But there are no restaurants around that make 'em, so I gotta make 'em myself. And eventually as I explore this world of sandwiches I get sucked in and discover even tastier and tastier ways of making pickle and peanut butter variations. I don't demand that others love 'em, but I fucking love 'em and I gotta keep on making 'em and eating 'em or else I gotta go back to eating ash.

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Do you enjoy having a bunch of kouhais asking you questions? Are you glad to be their senpai?

I'm happy so many people are interested in the himehorns. ;w;


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