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>Would I really post Sakura's mixing bowl online? C'mon, anon. C'mon. | Maybe that was Sakura posting her mixer herself because she's not getting any attention at home? Her Cupcake does bring all the boys to the yard, after all...

I give my super a cutest plenty of attention! Right Saku... .... WAH?!
Would I really post Sakuras mixing bowl online Cmon anon Cmon  Maybe that was
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>Probably pretend-cry and act cute until she breaks the trainer down. // What if he has an UNDYING SPIRIT that cannot be crushed by Cupcake?

She'd probably lose her sprinkles over this impossibly manly Reinhold VonTitanhands that can deflect her a cutest and fake crying.
Probably pretendcry and act cute until she breaks the trainer down  What if he
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Why would you post the video you made when you were conceiving - I mean, mixing Cupcake. What about her privacy?

What! That's not Cupcake!!
Would I really post Sakura's mixing bowl online? C'mon, anon. C'mon.
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Assuming she couldn't back out or be rescued, how would Cupcake respond to being assigned a persistent, bossy and spirited physical trainer intent on getting her SWOLE?

Probably pretend-cry and act cute until she breaks the trainer down.
Then she'd get all the gym bunnies hooked on cake and make 'em fat so they don't steal attention away from her.
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I'm about to set out on Loomis' Fun With A Pencil, on paper and pencil. Does it matter if I use a mechanical pencil vs using a regular, wooden pencil?

You won't be able to tilt your pencil and get fat lines with a mechanical.
Try using both and see what you like.
Personally, I always prefer a wooden pencil.

Terrible. ||| We will have to wait to know what will happen = 3 = ... but she comes from a conservative herd, so the possibilities are not very high, but as long as they follow the recipe I don't think it would be so bad... I hope.

Good luck, Raisin! ;w;

WAIT A MINUTE. Sempai, should I be using layers? Because layers sound like a really snazzy way to not encounter a lot of problems. Assuming they mean what I think they mean, at least. But I'm hesitant to press any sort of button whose function I'm not sure of.

Super colouring tip:
Layer 1 (on top):
- blending style: Multiply
- use black to outline
Layer 2 (below):
- blending mode: normal
- colour to your heart's content
Enjoy perfectly preserved lines while colouring!

Feels good, man. ||| You have to thank Leedah for going along with my shenanigans, answering every single question or it would never have happened.

Thank you, Leedah!
And you too, man. =w=
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Why even bother? ||| You sound butthurt, Dan. There is no need to say such things, nor is there a need to convice yourself of that, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

It's okay, anon. I'm not butthurt anymore -- I'll always have my comics. Only my comics! But that's enough!
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What happened to the girl that appeared in your comics with the boner jokes?

I haven't talked to her in years!
I'm sure she's happy with some super smart and handsome Chad McHugehands and hasn't spent a single second thinking about me since we last talked. Just as well. Could you imagine living with someone for years knowing that you were just her backup plan and she's merely putting up with you because she couldn't do better? Why even bother?

How does someone who draws cartoon butts all day have such insightful, nihilistic (aka realistic) philosophical views? Or perhaps that is why you draw butts? Sincerely, A fellow meat puppet

I'm not insightful, anon
I'm just an edgelord
There's not an original thought in my head -- just bent and misunderstood readings of stuff I've bumped up against
meat puppet on, fellow meat puppet
How does someone who draws cartoon butts all day have such insightful nihilistic

Do you even have a Sega Saturn Dan? Don't lie to us now...

I do, anon!
Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei
Burning Rangers
NiGHTS: Into Dreams (and Christmas NiGHTS!)
Fighters Megamix
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Hmm, and a few others that I don't remember. I left it at my mom and dad's house, though. I play it when I visit.
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Hey Dan, Twitter is telling me that has detected some weird stuff or something, like someone trying to log in with my account... should I worry?

I dunno, anon. Mail twitter for help, maybe?

>but I don't think your genes should be passed on to the next generation | Or she just doesn't like him. Childbirth isnt the only reason for relationships, Dan.

Well, here's the way I look at it:
A computer plays a game of chess. It makes a move. We can ask why it made that move. We could say that it made that move because it's a good move and it liked it, or we can talk the rules of the game, about the program, or even the state of the hardware. We're that computer. We can tell ourselves we like this move or that move, about the beauty of that move, that the move just swept us away and it was like lightning came out of the sky and we had to take that move right then and there and it filled our machine hearts with happiness -- but it's not much of an explanation. It might generate some nice chess computer poetry, though.
Of course, just saying that the voltages were such and such and the state of the machine transitioned from this to that doesn't say much either. And I don't have much hope of finding a straight-forward way to put all these stories together into one permanent, all-encompassing, coherent picture. I think we gotta be okay with a world where many conflicting, incompatible but possibly helpful descriptive tools can be deployed to get various jobs done and sometimes one descriptive tool is going to make another look unappealing when assessed under its descriptions. So we can't just be committed to one tool -- we should be happy to switch back and forth when it suits our needs.
So yeah, okay, we could say she didn't like him. But I think it's also worthwhile to see how things look when we assess ourselves the way we'd assess any other animal. We can imagine a female spider saying that she just wasn't into that male spider, but we know his mating dance wasn't good enough to prove he had the right stuff. That doesn't undermine the female spider's assessment and it doesn't mean she should change it -- but let's not kid ourselves.

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If a lesbian falls for a man, but she ultimately dumps him. (because she is a lesbian and all that), does that speaks good or bad of said man?

If she falls for man, then how lesbian is she, really?
Anyway, I don't think it says anything, anon, except the usual: "Look, you're a nice guy and all, but I don't think your genes should be passed on to the next generation."
I don't think he should worry about it. Maybe try to find someone else... or go 1P mode. Why not?


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