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Greatest cakewitch, your apostle came to visit us. She's looking for her witch device. Should I give it to her? She says it has something very important. ...can I keep it?

Keep the device... my apostle is grounded for selling pictures of herself to her Gaemstream followers. If she starts to cry just give her a little cake to eat on the way home.

>My a cutest, please study | At least she is not blonde... but she might be on the inside... who knows.

Pink is much more a cutest.
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Have you heard of Taimanin Yukikaze? It looks like your type of game, and it was translated the other day... I think. Suffering, NTR, DFC / DCT, etc. etc.

I know all about it, anon.
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Who is Cupcake's rival?

Whoever has more viewers than her on Gaemstream. It's usually that fake bitch Magical Tulip. She's not even a real meguca!! And stop using that cake cutesy voice!! You're not fooling anyone!!!

How smart is cupcake?

She's clever in her own way, but she doesn't like working or studying. It's going to catch up with her down the line. If she would just apply herself like Darkcake she could probably get into one of the better meguca schools... sigh...
My a cutest, please study... your mom is worried about you...

Dan, why does hime have to eat peoples? Also, why are himes so rascist to everything and everyone?

They eat whatever is tasty and nohorns are tasty. Especially the small ones -- they're so tender you can just suck the flesh off the bones!
And they just want wronghorns and nohorns to go home. Big egg is for happy herds! NOHORN GO HOME

>White bat of ill omen Not my fault those ears look like bear ears.

It's not her fault, either. ;_;
She used to look a bit more bat-like (see below)... but she just got more and more rectangular and pillow-like...

You've been at Ubi for a year now, Dan. Please hand in your weeb card and take this norime watch-wearing dildo card in exchange. Also, have that powerpoint done by the meeting about meetings on Monday morning.

I even had my yearly evaluation meeting and I'm actually looking forward to the annual assembly... I enjoy working with my coworkers ... even the power points aren't that bad...
How did this happen? How did we get to this dark place?


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