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Hey Dan, your answers have really helped me pull through a lot of situations and keep a cool head, so I wanted to thank you somehow. I figured you might enjoy getting bullied, but I need a primer. Like uh, who is this Chad McHugeHands everyone keeps talking about?

Rodney Dangerfield had this great joke:
"My wife, I tell ya, she won't sleep with me no more -- always givin' me the cold shoulder. I ask her: is there someone else? She looks at me and says: There MUST be."
Chad is James Bond, Edward Cullen, the rock star, the winning team's captain, etc. Whichever social ladder your lady is climbing, Chad is the man on top. And he deserves to be there. He's taller, more handsome, kinder, more generous and open-hearted, smarter, cares about his community more, protects others, cares about the interests of others, has an even temper, reflects the has superior genetics, and will fuck ur waifu and leave you raising his kid, you cuck.
Did you know that about 10% of kids are not fathered by the men they believe to be dad?
>A British survey conducted between 1988 and 1996 by Robin Baker, a former professor at the University of Manchester, confirmed the 10-per-cent figure. That seems high to skeptics such as Dalhousie University geneticist Paul Neumann, although even he admitted that "my colleague, who's a woman, tells me women have no trouble believing it. . . . It's the men who can't."
That's the hell that awaits us non-chads, anon. Beware!

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Hey Dan your answers have really helped me pull through a lot of situations and
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Dan has anyone ever told you that you should write a book about art and life? Cause seriously, I bet it'd end up on every hipster graphic designers desk in a decade like those iteration cards seem to be now

Dao of the Cakebutt
by Dan Kim
(and sum writed frum a cutest and a best hi its me cupcake i did it)
"b a respect on urself and ur acutest bc ur a cute ok pls do it"
"ps but im even more a cutest so pls b a more respect 2me thx muu~ =3="
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Hey Dan, he's a loaded question, What's the best way not to fall into despair? I dropped out 2 years ago due to social anxiety and things have only gotten worse, I don't have the skills or the self-confidence to get out of this. Every-time I've tried to better myself I end up worse for it.

I think the first thing is thinking about what "bettering yourself" really means to you. It's not like there's one single race that everyone has to run -- you can choose your own path and go your own way. Once you see that you're running your own race and understand that you gotta tackle the world and your life with what's in your own personal toolbox, the entire game starts to look quite different. It's not really a matter of "success" or "failure", but a matter of becoming your own master. Well, at least, that's the view I've come to. You gotta find your own path and your own view, of course.
Re: anxiety
If your anxiety is out of control, consider talking to doctor or try controlled exposure to build up your tolerance (for example, join a toastmasters club). You might also try changing your point of view: try to remember some stupid thing someone did a year ago. Can you remember anything at all? Odds are you can't. But odds are you can remember that stupid thing you did in primary school and your face turns bright red. But can you remember anything your classmates did? ... See, that's the way it is. No one remember your stupid shit -- they're all too busy thinking about the stupid shit that /they/ did. We're all mostly invisible to other people. There's no need to be anxious -- no one is really judging each other. Hell, we rarely even /notice/ each other. And even when they do -- who cares? What makes them fit to judge you?
Re: skill
Skill is just result of practice and study over time. No one says you have to be the best, only the best you can be. Asking yourself for more than that is irrational, asking for less is demeaning. Run your own race, but run it hard.
Re: confidence
Personally, I think the whole self confidence thing is a sham. You don't have to believe in yourself, just believe in the work you're doing. Like I said before, think about what you want -- in concrete terms. Make it into a project -- into a work. Build your habits, skills, and time to advance that work successfully. With your eyes fixed on some distant point external to yourself, you'll suddenly find yourself sure-footed and standing tall, as one only can when investing your life in what you believe to be a worthwhile purpose.
Finally, it's worthwhile to remember that we're all going to die. Probably painfully, alone, and afraid. And what lies on the other side might be an eternity of screaming madness for all we know. You might as well do everything you can to grab life by the throat and make it pay up. Life is suffering, but that doesn't mean you can't take your revenge: shake that bitch until candy comes out.
Oh, and don't forget to lift. It's not a joke -- it really helps.
... I hope that helps, anon. And give a shout when you start lifting. You'll see.

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Yes. Especially when baked by cute himehorns. =3= ||| Good, then that means that you won't like this batch of cookies that Pancake and Sakura made. *nom nom nom* Thanks for the meal!

Yes Especially when baked by cute himehorns 3  Good then that means that you
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Sempai, why did they remake Les Miserables? The '98 version was fantastic! Also, more importantly, I can't be the only one who calls him 'Liam Nii-san,' can I? Surely not...

I've never watched it, Espernyan. Sorry. ;w;
Liam Nii-san would be a cool nii-san.
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Who is the better good girl, pancake or darkcake?

Pancake is innocent and cute, but that's because she's still little.
Darkcake is just a very good cake who wants to do her best. If she has one flaw, it's that she's a bit too much of a workaholic. Life will pass her by, you know?
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Himehorns are all daughters of the greathornmother, not the GCW. =w= ||| I said she is LIKE an innocent and pure daughter, not that she in fact it is...

kay ;w;
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Leedah is like your pure and innocent daughter, isn't she? >ib4 Pancake... she will eventually grow and or stop being innocent, Leedah won't (I think)

Himehorns are all daughters of the greathornmother, not the GCW. =w=
And Pancake is a good girl. ;~;
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How do I stay away from wanting to give my characters weeb names?

Your characters' names should link up to your story world somehow.
For example, the Templar tend to be named after saints, famous Guardians, or something out of the ancient crew rosters... the himehorns don't have names at all (only Leedah)... and the witches have names that have been corrupted or changed over time by their followers.
Also, this is a minor thing, but a "malleable" name can be quite useful. For example, Vicky is Guardian Victoria, but also Vicky to her friends, Vee to Annis, And Bikky to her Bweh (since she can't say it right).
Anyway, just avoid the temptation to give your characters "cool for the sake of cool" names, and you should be alright. =3=
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Dan, would you recommend JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, or was it not to your tastes?

I've never watched or read it. ;wwww;
I hear it's super amazing, though.

Hard Boiled Wonderland is also my favorite. Out of everything I've read, except maybe the short stories, it feels like something only he could have written.

Yeah, I feel the same way. Anyone who hasn't read it: give it a try!


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