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So... it was Cupcake the one that gave the cakeist his witchdevice? It all makes sense now ... even their relationship ;v

Cupcake is a GOOD APOSTLE who picks up cake offerings and does her okayest every day!!!

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What is a cakeist and how it can comunicate with Leedah over here?

Cakeist is a nohorn that lives in the caves with the herd.
The cakeist bakes cakes and other goodies for the herd in return for a place to live.
Sometimes the cakeist takes trips outside to gather supplies. The source of these supplies is a bit of a mystery.
Smallhorns sneaking into the cakeist's cakery below:
What is a cakeist and how it can comunicate with Leedah over here

>Let's take care of some mini dragons of chaos and clean that room. | Muhuhu~ You've been watching Jordan Peterson lectures haven't you?


Hey Dan. Have you seen Your Lie in April? What did you think about it? You should check it out sometime because pianos are the best instruments.

Nope! I just check the description -- seems interesting. I haven't watched a nice dramatic show in a while. I'll take a look. Thanks!

Before anything, sorry lol I always ask tips --' So, I just can't make contrasts as powerful as I want it to be, when you work with black and white, how do you work your shades ?

Start entirely with black, drawing the silhouette. Then introduce pure white to indicate the most highlighted parts. Then switch between white and black strokes as needed to indicate hair, partially shaded areas, etc.
I used to have a nice black and white drawing tutorial online... maybe I should post an updated version one of these days with video.

Before i wasn't selfish at all and i always did things with others in consuderation, but now i do things for me and think for me, and i think it's normal: but others say that i'm selfish, what's the problem ? How could i be in a team at work if i think for me ?

Sometimes cooperation is in your own self interest.
Actually, quite often it's the case.

I hear that in fiction, you're not supposed end the story with your character having everything they wanted if you want to tell a compelling story. Do you agree with this?

It's best if they get everything the want and the results are horrifying.


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