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@MGS dude; emulators are a thing, the ps2 games run perfectly in glorious 1080p, also the English version is god tier unlike 99% of the dubbed vidya ever made.

A good idea.

How do you feel about the Star Trek movies that shouldn't have been?

Meh. They're just That One Same Hollywood Action Movie with a Star Trek paint job. I don't even care anymore.

The sad thing, sempai, is that the attack of the cuhronus is better than all of the prequels combined! Even if you overlook the godawful 'romance'! On a related note: How do you feel about the Star Wars movies that shouldn't have been?

I don't really care about it -- I was always more of a Star Trek guy.

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A fandom makes itself even without the involvement of the source. So either you select a name for us or we will do it for you ... = 3 = it will happen with sooner or later Dan, just embrace it. Don't need use it if you don't want, but it will be there, so better make it something you like.

I think the self-naming already begun...
>Stop lying to yourself dan, we already have a group name to identify with. It's call butt-enthusiasts.
>More like the Cupcake "fendom", right?

I wish I could play ALL the MGS in japanese ... or english at least, but they never released an HD full collection for PC... I only played MGS1 for PSX and MGS2 when it came out for PC ... and I dont want to play the others until I play MGS3. I even have the PSP ones on hold until then.

Yeah, that sucks. ;~;
Maybe it'll come out after Phantom Pain...? ;~;

Do you think that in the future people will see find cartoon butts and make them an example of the art of this era?

I sure hope so. I mean... a future without cartoon butt? Why even live?

Why do you call us (your fans) just anons? Couldn't we have some quirky name like "nocakes" or something?

Nah. That road leads to ending answers with "BROOOFISST p-ssshoooo" and other kinds of "in group" stuff. Not my cup of tea, really. I'm happiest if you enjoy the comics in your own way without feeling obligated to be part of some kind of clone manga "fandom".
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I've only ever heard about MGS3 being incredibly silly and cutscene heavy, sempai. What makes it so good that it must be played?

It's like asking what makes a Picasso so great, anon. The game is the manifestation of individual imagination so brilliant, vivid, and different from our own that we feel enlarged just by partaking in the dream that is the work itself. I won't spoil any of the details, but on the design side, the Kojima that decided to have a psychic boss you can defeat by plugging your controller into port 2 is on full display here, but with a new level of sophistication. There are tons of hidden and surprising interaction everywhere. On the story side, there are nodes of hard realism coated in and strung together with myth-like (or maybe even dream-like) relations. There's real talk about the cold war but also the myth of the cold war and a strong character story running through it all...
Anyway, just watch this trailer
(and turn on the english closed captioning)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGQvNuApWAACloneManga’s Video 127885745778 tGQvNuApWAACloneManga’s Video 127885745778 tGQvNuApWAA
I can't recommend it highly enough. It's in my top 10 of all time, for sure.

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CloneManga’s Video 127885745778 tGQvNuApWAACloneManga’s Video 127885745778 tGQvNuApWAA
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What if I don't get why Kojima's great AND I haven't played MGS3?

Then play MGS3 and prepare for a work of genius.

finish witches pls

I will! ;~;
I gotta build up some missing skills I need on Vampire Bride first though...

Is the guy in the golden armor a bad man? Or should I avoid 'accidentally' pushing him off a cliff?

Whether you let him live or die is up to you! Everything has consequences one way or the other...

Do you think than this is the perfect opportunity for Kojima to make something good outside the Metal Gear franchise?

He must have tons of things has wants to do outside Metal Gear. You don't make a franchise like that without coming up with tons of great ideas that don't fit into that particular game...
... I'm looking forward to whatever he makes.

Banehorn will crash a plane into the caves, cakeist will hatch from a mysterious egg in a three part special ||| ಠ_ಠ ... IF you really make that happen, and it's canon, I... I... I don't really know what I would do. O_ó but I would certainly be amazed. Until then, forgive my disbelief. ಠ_ಠ

Cake it easy, anon. I'm just kidding, geez... =3=

>Greatest game director of our time | MGS V's demo- because that's what it was- had a price tag. His games are nonsensical and wanky. What's so great about him?

If you played MGS3 and still can't figure out why so many consider him the greatest designer of our time... well, there's no helping ya, anon. Not saying you have to like it, but I think it's just an astonishing work. I was glad to be alive to play it when it released.
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What do you think about what happened to Kojima?

He's still the greatest game director of our time. He'll be alright.

10000000000% ||| So that mean they will appear in the comics at some point? O_ó ... if that is the case, how do you plan to make them fit in the story?

Banehorn will crash a plane into the caves, cakeist will hatch from a mysterious egg in a three part special, games and himehorn laptop will be given by the apostle in exchange for cute smallhorn dances and premium herdgem currency.
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What do you think about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night?

Well, I hope it turns out okay. If Mighty No. 9 is garbage and this is garbage, too... well, I was going to say that it might dissuade folks from hopping on future bandwagons, but we never learn, do we?

Everything is 10000% canon!! ||| Really? So banehorn, and all the games and nohorn stuff leedah likes and plays, and even the cakeist are canon? ಠ_ಠ

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I have been wondering for a while... how much of what leedah says or happens in her ask is ¨canon¨ for you?

Everything is 10000% canon!!
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Nohorn husband and snowhorn secret level when?

Special unit: Snowhorn
-1/256 chance of spawning from hornmother egg
-Use Strange Nest (from apostle challenge quest III) to increase to 100% chance of spawning from next hornmother egg
-limit: one unit
While Snowhorn is leader:
- All herd commands recover at 200% normal rate
- Apostle visit rate doubled, store prices halved
- Herd consume 20% more food
- No new hornmother eggs produced
- Chance to encounter Wandering Nohorn (10% chance per turn, cumulative-- one encounter per century, max)
- Lifespan: 25 turns
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You might as well change it to Hornmother||Smallhorn, sempai. You could take baths in the funding you'd get! How many paper-cuts could you sustain before succumbing to your itty-bitty wounds, sempai?

If I did make a himehorn game, I'd make a Snowhorn VN or Lemmings+Real Time (ultra-simplified) Dwarf Fortress style game (command units in real time with hilarious results as things multiply out of control... units have some autonomy but will still do stupid stuff [clean a room to exhaustion, mine into a lava pit, etc]).
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Maybe I'll hide a himehorn in Mother||Child... ... ;w; ||| A drawing of them playing DnD would have been just fine, but that also works... talking about that, how is the game going?

I've been thinking about design elements and working on the systems on paper, but all I have in game are green boxes with some basic movement (walking, running, jumping, double-jumping, dashing, wall clinging, wall jumping, wall sliding, corner climbing) ... once I have some of the actually interesting elements set up, I'll write something up and make a small demo.
For now though, I'm focused on himehorns and vampire bride! One (or two) things at a time... let's not spread things out too thin now...
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