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So... we are back to the no stream schedule, uh?

I guess so... somehow I don't feel super motivated to stream. I just want to draw in peace and quiet along at the moment.
As long as I get comics done it's okay, right? : T
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>Simpler times... ha ha ha... | Good to know, now answer the question.

Well, I've been keeping closer tabs on Darkcake... it seems she's been getting up earlier to do more paper rounds before school. I should send a little extra money...

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Do you have a Vita? (got some nice dungeons crawlers and you seem to like Etrian Odyssey) if yes do you have recommendations?

Yes! I love my Vita. Remote play with PS4 is amazing for playing stuff in bed. Maximum comfy.
I recommend all the Atelier Plus games, Neptunia ReBirth 3: V, Persona 4 Golden (of course), Moero Chronicle (if you love lewd panty games like me)
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And I silently walk, ever closer to you. And when I reach you, I shall but mutter the words that end your existence. "The Mod did nothing wrong, /qst/ was a good idea." And like but a ghost, I shall disappear, for it is unrelated to this website.

[x] "Couldn't be helped.This if the future we wished for."
[x] Check on Mami
[ ] Give a shit about Braids McBurgerface
[x] Rub Midorins midorins for luck before the final battle

Satsuki, Illya and Taiga.. which do you think deserves a route the most?

Illya, of course. Taiga is boring and Satsuki exist to be bullied/ignored.
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>needs more mollusks | Right, and more bizarre and rapey shit. Also dumb excuses to shoehorn in sex scenes between various women and the shittiest protagonist ever made, right? And then I have titties and spin-offs and MOICHENDISING, like in SpaceBalls?

needs more mollusks  Right and more bizarre and rapey shit Also dumb excuses to

Haven't seen some good Torture Porn from you in a while, hope that changes in the next few panels!.. Also Nasuverse is a pretty cool universe! It's at least better than our own! Btw, which of the horned ones are best to eat and most delicious?

We'll get there!
And I like the Nasuverse a lot. It really scratches that chuuni itch -- it's got it all: vampire princess, secret societies, messed up family histories, strange powers...
And the eggs are the most delicious, honestly. You get a really rich, rustic, flavor.
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Nature's true darkness does not compare to the sheer anti-quality of that writing, sempai. Blood runs a deep red, but 'tis not nearly as black as that abyssal sewer, and a fair few fathoms shallower.

[sheathes katana]
[tips fedora]
welcome to the club
I see you're one of us after all
Natures true darkness does not compare to the sheer antiquality of that writing
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I maintain that your himehorn torture porn is disgusting and that if it ever gets out of hand I'm blocking you harder than... uh... lego?

Uh, well, better hold on to your panties ... those templar won't be happy when they see what happened to those colonists...
I maintain that your himehorn torture porn is disgusting and that if it ever
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>you watch people being eaten alive for entertainment | ... I'm, um, I'm just gonna go over there, sempai. N-no, it's okay, you don't have to come with me. No, r-really! WH-WHAT?! M-ME? Trying to get away from YOU? Hahaha, th-that's a good one, sempai... s-sempai..!?!

It applies to himehorns too, if that's what fires up your grill.
you watch people being eaten alive for entertainment   Im um Im just gonna go
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>I watch people get blown up and eaten alive | What the f*** are you watching?

Well, I was thinking about Aliens. Great movie. But Attack on Titan has that too... Fate Stay Night had poor Illya getting he heart ripped out of her chest... Sakura was raped by worms for months on end in Fate Zero... almost every person on earth was destroyed in Madoka and Evangelion... and then there's Berserk.
The list just goes on and on.
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It's okay when they do it for my entertainment.
I mean, I watch people get blown up and eaten alive for my entertainment. Make believe people, anyway.

>If that's all it takes | Dan, please. You have your dream job, your webcomic, ideas, lots of talent, will, perseverance and lots of fans. You made a name for yourself with your own hands. You may not have someone waiting you at home but you have someone in your heart; more than I can say for others

You're right, anon. I should be more grateful... I have a lot after all. And I have you guys too, on top of all that. What more could I ask for?
Cakeluck to that other anon, then. Work hard! We're all gonna make it, brah!

with only himehorn comics to show for it. | At least you have something going on in your life, Dan. From my point of view you are way more successful than I will ever be.

If that's all it takes, just pick up a pencil and paper and get cracking, anon. ;w;
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>empty house with only himehorn comics to show for it ||| Only? Only? Dan, you have created something that bring joy and sadness to people. You have made us laugh and made us a little sad. The house is empty, but we're still here for you.

;w; Thanks anon. I'll remember that.
empty house with only himehorn comics to show for it 

Only  Only  Dan you have


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