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I don't want to clutter Dan ask with back and forth trading so I will just say that I worked for the biggest corp in my country for a few years. "Shit fucked up" is my summary, maybe they are not all like that but the ones on top are so fucking greedy some people with deskjob have actual PTSD

Sounds about right.
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Would Enna be okay with me just giving her my sperm in bottles as gifts to let her know how much I care?

Just don't cry if you wake up to 40 KUKUKU~ daughters and $800 grand in back child support payments.

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>Corps aren't just about money // It's true that not all corps are the same, but it's worth nothing that in the US, corp directors are very strongly beholden to investors, who primarily are mostly about money.

This is going to go back and forth for 300 posts, isn't it?
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Do you find paradoxes interesting?

Hmm, maybe? I used to take it these sorts of things meant that there was "something wrong with out understanding of reality" -- but these days I take it to mean there's a quirk or defect in our descriptive thinking tools or we've just deployed them in the wrong scenario. Debugging or improving the tools can still be interesting, but it's more like... hmm... well, say you can't touch your right elbow with your right hand. If you're describing the world in terms of right-hand-grabbables, and you could end up freaking out like you've found a Glitch In The Matrix when all you've discovered is that a tool can be deployed in the wrong way and spit our garbage results. Heck, imagine what would happen when you find out that you can't grab your right hand with your right hand. It's like a spectre, floating freely! Spooky!
Well, of course, it can be a lot more serious than that. Broken or working tools can make all the difference in the world. I guess I'm not the young man I used to be -- I find it hard to get worked up in the same way.

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What about a friend's daughteru?

Sorry anon, I'd like to answer, but I feel this burning sensation on the back of my head... like two lasers are boring into my skull...
What about a friends daughteru
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What cake does darkcake like?

Darkcake likes those individually packed spiral roll cake slices you can get in the supermarket for 99 cents (half off if you wait a while). Well, honestly, she'd like to eat a tastier cake, but it's just a waste of money...
Sometimes her onee-chan spoils her and brings tasty cakes from the fancy bakery. She pretends that she just bought too much, but Darkcake knows what's going on. Her onee-chan is really a good cake, you know? People shouldn't judge her so harshly...
What cake does darkcake like

How do I not get huge? Doing 20 min. exercise daily, 1h on weekends, and if I try anything that's over 1800 kcal daily for a few days it shoots me back up the overweight zone within days. "Energy balance is a myth" my ass.

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Stay away from Eleanor or I tell your wife.

I'm sorry, my super a cutest...! I-I mean, nothing happened! Not that I wanted anything to! W... why are you holding that frying pan...? M... my super a cutesGYAAAA
Stay away from Eleanor or I tell your wife
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Hey Dan. I am having huge problems with my self-esteem lately… Life loves to beat me up, and when I have to do stuff to get better, I just go lazy and ¨enjoy¨ stuff and screw things up, making everything worse… I have so few things to enjoy in life, that I can't help it. Any advice?

Self esteem is the product of achievement in a field that's important to you. It's what you get from pushing your rock, anon. You gotta stop letting things distract you and focus on what's important to you. Once you make some progress on your rock, you can take little breaks guilt-free... it's just recharging your batteries so you can go back to the important thing.
As for "enjoyment" -- well, I don't have to tell you that there are lot of different kinds of enjoyments, anon. You already know: plain ol' distractions, little fun amusements, stuff that just numbs the pain. Then there's stuff that's truly joyful -- not in the pleasurable sense, but in a deep way that gives your life purpose and meaning. If you're putting the scare quotes around "enjoy", you already know you're little the cheap thrills distract you from the Big Important Thing.
Not gonna lie -- when I start getting distracted and playing too many games or taking it too easy, I imagine myself looking back over my life from the deathbed. I imagine a genie coming to me and saying: You can do it all again. I'm sending you back in time and you can do it right this time. Well, you can live life like that, anon -- live it like it's your second chance. Live life looking back from the deathbed and you'll find it's much easier to have a little courage and find what's important. It's almost like managing yourself from a third person perspective... you do for yourself the good things you'd wish you could do for other people. You take the life advice you'd give to others: you can quit your job or jump in there and get the job you REALLY want...you can pursue that dream you always been putting off til later, you can talk to that girl, put down that beer, etc.
... well. Maybe I'm off the mark. Everyone's life is different and there are no general solutions. If there were, we'd all have an easier time than we do...
Best of luck, anon.

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Anon plz, Look what they did to Thief, to Fallout, to Rainbow Six, to Counter Strike, to Resident Evil, to Silent Hill... Look at what Konami is doing to Kojima, the one who made them so many brouzoufs. Big corps are here for the money, they don't care about anything else, they crush dreams smiling.

At least we lived to see the dawn of the VR waifu age.
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