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How's the smile protection racket going, Dan? Profitable last year?

It's keeping this ship afloat.
Still waiting for that first hit job though!

Dan, you look like a very young Miyazaki or an Asian Col. Sanders, both sexy as fuck. Which do you prefer?

Hazukashii~ ///
I'll take Miyazaki. If I pick Col. Sanders I'll have to deal with all those couples picking up chicken during Christmas.

There is an ancient question that goes a little something like this "how many toddlers could you take in a fight?" this idea behind this question is to have something incredibly tiny and weak overcome you with pure numbers. so I propose a new question, "how many himehorns could you take in a fight?"

Zero musclehorns
As for haremhorns and hornmothers -- why would anyone do that

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Isn't it... illegal for you to be auctioning off your daughter like that?

There are entire shops dedicated to selling cupcakes. It's a sick world out there.
I saw a pack of 6 being sold for half dozen, just because they were a day old. I couldn't stand to see them thrown out the street. I brought them home. But it was a mistake. I woke up the next morning in a haze of frosting and a bed full of crumbs.
What did I do?
What have I become?
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Come on Dan you know Tomoya and Sakura are living in an apartment together at 27. Maybe even a couple like Nanoha and Fate-chan! (//∇//)

I... I am okay with this. Pancake-chan can sleep between then like Vivio. ;w;

Where does Cupcake fit in all of this? Did we just go back in time and make it so that Cupcake was never born by making Sakura never get with you? Or......

This has to be come kind of alternate timeline. I have no idea what's going on.

Will 27 year old Sakura be in Montreal when she meets her husbando? I hear tell he's a dashing man with a sultry voice releasing his highly anticipated book "De Rerum Striga" on the subject of witches.

First I will give her fresh-outta-the-oven bagels with salmon.
Then I will give her fresh-outta-the-oven oven some slammin.
And that's how you were born, Cupcake.
Will 27 year old Sakura be in Montreal when she meets her husbando I hear tell

>implying I won't NTR you from Sakura first by blackmailing you with evidence of your relationship with Cupcake


Not for nothing, but Li can kick your ass. You're going to have to go in packing.

I'm sure this will turn out exactly like my chinese cartoons
I'll make it

Why don't you just fly down to Malibu and NTR Sakura away from Li?

Hey, you're right!
And I'll get her daughters, too!

Have you ever really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Meme combo! You're on fire!

was kero just a figment of sakura's imagination

Kero returned to his book to await a more suitable master. Sometimes Sakura pulls the book out and apologizes for not having a kid and continuing the line of magicians. There's never an answer, but she keeps doing it.
Maybe one day...

Haremhorns may be small but they have long sharp looking horns. If I was in a fight, do you think I could pick one up and use her as a weapon to stab my enemy?

You could!
The horns would stab your enemy but the himehorn would shatter on impact.

you call that a neckbeard!? thats finely groomed sir your no neckbeard clearly a dapper gentleman!

It's more neckbeard in person. ;~;

If you were the star of an anime, what would your title be? (E.g. Mobile Suit YOUR NAME; Revolutionary Girl YOUR NAME; Gambling Apocalypse YOUR NAME; etc.)

Legend of the Unshavable Neckbeard
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What's the Human city like for your average human?

It's a strict, regimented life. Everything form the birthing and raising of children to your time of death is set by the Guardianship. There are no families, almost everything is communal. There is some freedom in how you go about your actual day, but everyone has tasks that have to be completed and daily prayers that can't be missed. Punishments range from light teasing to the truly medieval. One of the worst is being "unmade" -- as the city gives you your flesh, your blood, your strength, your sense, so it shall take it away... one piece at a time, in public, over several weeks (if you can make it).
It's more or less run like a city-sized boarding school run.


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