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>Capturing the Ape Escape monkeys. | Man, that trailer really makes me want to go back and actually finish MGS3 sometime...

It's worth it. What an amazing game.

> spun off into moeshit again and again But the moeshit always gets spun off into grimdark, not the other way around!

I even went from all black pages to all white pages.
And don't forget the meta.
Is there even anything left to believe in anymore?
Why even live?
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Dark Souls 2 was basically made twice, yeah? The second time, they didn't have the time to make all-new stuff, so they just kinda had to take the old stuff and work with that. That's the gist of it, isn't it?

Pretty much. Considering all that, it's a miracle the game isn't much, much worse.

I think people villain-izing big corps like Ubi don't realize that the true reason they do 'bad' things is that they're actually centerless, diverse market survival machines that are totally capable of developing craft games AND micro-transaction-to-play. They aren't 'bad' or 'good.' They do either

Posted without comment.
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Love your stuff, but there's this frustration. You have so many promising starts on incredibly interesting narratives that just brick wall or peter out or get spun off into moeshit again and again. Is it performance anxiety? Fickle whims? I just really want to read your stories to their conclusions.

I post (nearly) everything that I make. That means lots of false starts and incomplete works. I put them out there because they might be helpful to someone else -- if the comic isn't working out, I have no problem turning off the light and burning down the house.
Think of the site as being let into a lab - not a showroom. I don't like the idea of cultivating an image of clean, effortless successes. You can see all the flops and changes of heart, and so on. Even the comic graveyard (full of cut pages) is there for you.

Have you played Firefly Diary yet? Mion a cute

Nope! Forgot it even existed until you mentioned it.
I saw a bit of a playthrough way back... seems pretty nice.
And she is pretty cute... for a wronghorn.

What made you think Dark Souls 2's world was badly stitched together?

There are ton of detailed rants people have made about that -- I don't have anything original to add to those. And actually, it turns out the game /was/ stitched together when the overall design changed halfway through production...
... Well, it's all all over now... just like a bad dream. Dark Souls 3 is on the horizon and The Old Hunters is pretty damn fun. I'm okay with this.

Sempai, the first sin was obviously when Gwyn subjugated humanity and ruined their neato dark vibes by buildin' radio towers all over the place and making the fires burn humanity instead of Gwyn dust and dead tree fibers! Don't you even care about the lore, sempai? Shameful.

Sempai the first sin was obviously when Gwyn subjugated humanity and ruined

Do you still have some leftover opinions inside you, as a corporate puppet or you are already done with your brainwashing?

You'll have to climb this tower to unlock the answer.
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>DS2 >D2 | Oi, you got to read the question before you answer it. Was the first sin Gwyn linking the fires to humanity and disrupting the course of nature, or what?

Oh, ha ha ha, sorry.
Anyway, I didn't care about the story in Dark Souls 2 at all. The world just seemed so badly stitched together that I just went "meh" and ignored all the lore. No answer for ya, sorry.
... Actually, it kinda highlights the high execution difficulty and importance of having the right guy in the driver's seat for that kind of approach to game design. For all the noise I make about learning from Dark Souls, the reality might be that it's just NOT SAFE. A big company has to put reproducibility and reliability over unpredictable spurts of genius... from that point of view, depending on flashy graphics, marketing, and an easily accessible shell of a game that you can dress up with a new hat every year is a smart choice.

Don't you think those ideas about game design are wasted in a place like Ubisoft? They sacrifice everything on the altar of accessibility. The target audience won't slow down to visually scan a room or bother to learn attack patterns. there is no need for it, everything is handed with flashy arrows.

Maybe so. Then again... maybe not. I can't say anything to confirm or deny anything, though.
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Do you know what the 'First Sin' was, Dan? I couldn't bring myself to finish DS2, so I never found out.

I didn't play it! I didn't care about D2 at all. In fact, I couldn't even finish Disgaea 4 ... didn't like the characters at all. : /
D5 is great though. I'm going to play some more today. =3=
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Hey Dan, do you still write or you are only doing 110% cartoon butts these days?

I haven't had to write anything for a while... Himehorn's Daily Life is already all planned out and same with the next few bits of Vampire Bride. Just a matter of drawing it out.
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I forgot to tell you... it seems to me that the other day I got a visit from your ¨kouhai¨ on my ask, trying to stop me from talking to you. I think it got jealous...

Just keep a bowl of peppermint of licorice headpats on the corner of your desk. A few will get taken but you'll be left alone for the rest of the day.
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What do you think about the current state of the himehorn quest and what do you expect from it in the near future?

I love all the cute little moments... baking cookies, drinking chocolate milk, watching a ball explode on a haremhorn's head, etc. =w=
I'm looking forward to Raisin getting her egg collected by the egg man and meeting the members of the snack and nap club. I wonder how the harems will react to the egg man... they probably don't like him, even if they understand the eggs have to be collected... : T
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I saw the other day that someone wanted to make a quest with you as the protagonist... why did you refuse?

That was from @SADtanic , who is running the the himehorn quest with @himehorn.
I don't really like /that/ kind of wish fulfillment. I've tried to avoid taking the CTRL-ALT-DEL , Whomp, Least I Could Do, Penny Arcade, etc. line for the same reason. I think it boils down to the fact that I don't like the life-as-a-comic comic -- it takes that self-centered american sitcom style about a quirky guy who is just slightly detached from his surroundings and glides over the world like man skating on ice ... just barely in contact, just here to drop a joke, then triple-lutz into a punchline. And in the fact the man on the ice isn't even really there... he's just a manicured, sitcom cutout... the real man is on the shore, pulling the strings, nothing at stake...
Er, well, the imagery isn't quite right, but you get what I'm sayin'. That runs counter to my own projects. I won't get into that here, but suffice it to say that participating in a quest with myself as a stand-in doesn't help advance what I'm interested in doing with my art.

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Don't worry Dan. Neptune is safe. Nichegamer picked the worst image for their header for that article. Are you relieved?

Whew. Gotta have my neps.
Dont worry Dan Neptune is safe Nichegamer picked the worst image for their
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Why do you always try to not to be in the spotlight?

Is that true? I'm on twitter tweeting all the time...
Well, if there's anything to that it might be this: some people have this h8rs gonna h8 attitude -- I think think that's right, but you gotta apply it the other way around, too. Praise and positive attention are also to be dismissed on the same ground. All the matters is your daily dedication to your work -- not the results, not the way it's situated in your life or the world's politics or anything else -- just the daily practice of doing the work. Push that rock.
If that's the vision, then spotlights don't really factor in one way or another.

hey dan, Kinda have a horrible situation happenned..just because I tried to help someone with a draw I resulted to have a stupid "chivalrous knight" type person who decided to "defend" the person to bash on me...now I know I shouldn't feel like that but this person suceed to make me feel like crap..

niokasgami’s Profile PhotoNio Kasgami
Just take it easy, man. Stuff like that happens all the time -- all you gotta do is get used to it. Relax, draw a bit, take a nice sip of tea. It's just like being bitten by a dog. It doesn't mean anything. It'll pass.

>No more Nepnep. Thanks NISA, this is literally your fault for being such unprofessional fucks. Good thing moon is piss easy to learn.

Looks like it's finally time for me to learn. >: T

Do you celebrate your waifu's birthday? How?

Not really...
But I'll be able to start doing something special now!
I wonder what I should do... maybe we'll make a giant stack of pancakes and eat 'em together. =3=
Do you celebrate your waifus birthday How
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